How We’re Conquering Supply Chain Challenges

If you’ve been thinking about remodeling your home, chances are you’re concerned about problems posed by supply chain issues. In order to keep our clients’ projects running smoothly and on time, we’ve addressed these issues head on. Here’s how we’re conquering supply chain challenges.

how we are conquering supply chain issues

It’s All About Logistics

The best asset we have in conquering supply chain challenges is Albert Trejo. Once we saw the problems supply chain issues potentially could pose, we created a new full-time position of  Logistics Coordinator. We knew that Albert, who had earned his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration while working part-time for Innovative Construction, would be perfect for the job. Also, Albert has served two deployments as a communications technician in The United States Marine Corps. He’s proved us right — he was the perfect candidate for this job and is keeping our projects organized and on schedule.

Albert sources everything from lumber to cabinet hardware. He uses multiple sources and buys from any vendor possible to find the best prices and availability for our clients. This is a much more flexible system than one where everything comes from one or limited vendors.

how we're conquering supply chain challenges

The Process

One of the ways we are handling delays is by ordering supplies ahead of time. Albert will begin work on your orders as soon as you sign your Construction Agreement. Because your project won’t start for a few months, we will have time to make sure that all your materials are organized in our warehouse before we begin. This will keep your project efficient and on schedule.

As orders come in, Albert also takes care of receiving. He thoroughly checks every box, making sure there aren’t any issues such as broken tiles, then he signs off on the order. Then he organizes the supplies and we store them in our warehouse until it’s time to bring them to your project. Albert keeps track of all the orders in our project management software. Thus, the entire team is aware of what’s been ordered, what the delivery dates are and when he’s received and approved them.

Finally, Albert’s work will help keep you organized long after the work is done. He builds a notebook of warranties and care information for all of your materials and elements such as appliances. This notebook will help you keep track of everything for years to come.

green and brass kitchenOur Designers Also Help Us Conquer Supply Chain Issues

Another one of the biggest benefits of being a design-build firm is having an expert in-house interior design team. Our designers will work with you to find items that will arrive on schedule. For example, when you share an inspiration photo of the type of faucets or lighting you like from Houzz or Instagram, they will find you similar options to chose from. They know which options will be available from vendors that can deliver on schedule.

how we're conquering supply chain issues

One of the other benefits of working with a design-build firm is that our designers will also be mindful of your budget when narrowing down the best options for your project. However, if you have your heart set on a chandelier that will take a year to make halfway around the world and are willing to wait for it, we can always come back and install it for you when it finally arrives.

If you need help modifying your home to meet changing needs of any kind, please schedule a consultation.

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