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Family room renovations are one of the most significant opportunities for transforming a home. Housing floor plans change so much from one era to the next, and Atlanta and areas such as Brookhaven, Sandy Springs, Buckhead, and Peachtree Corners are an eclectic mix of generational homes, each with their own style and architectural history. With this mix comes the opportunity for gorgeous home renovations, particularly in the family and family room areas.

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Living Room Remodeling & Renovation Ideas

Types of Family Room Remodels

Each situation is unique, and there’s no limit to what your family room renovation could entail. You could need additional space on top of what you already have, or you may require a reconfiguration or update of your existing floor plan. Either way, some common types of living areas you can create are:

  • Family room/great room additions
  • Sunrooms
  • Bonus rooms or play areas
  • Attic conversions
  • Expansions and open floor plan conversions

Custom Details for a Family Room Remodel

With most remodels, but especially with living areas, you want to enhance the lighting (natural and electrical), storage (to reduce clutter), and focal features. And, of course, do it all according to your style and taste. We specialize in custom renovations and can incorporate details in your living areas such as:

  • More or larger windows
  • Custom built-in shelving
  • Fireplace features
  • Architectural details and decorative ceiling structures
  • Updated flooring
  • Lighting plans and fixtures

The founder of Innovative Construction has roots in building restoration, which is why our company’s passion and specialty is in high-end home renovations. We take existing architecture and innovate with innate skill and creativity to produce updated spaces full of charm and status like they’ve always had but at a gorgeous new level.

The Family Room Remodel: You Need It More Than You Know

To us, the term “family room” refers to any common area in the home, other than the kitchen, that is lived in and regularly used in some way or another, whether it be hunkering down or gathering and entertaining. Historically, family rooms were defined differently and are referenced alongside their counterpart, the living room.

Regardless of these rooms’ past function and formality, family rooms are the all-encompassing hubs for everyday activity and gathering. Because so much time is spent in the family room by many different people, a family room should evoke comfort, welcomeness, and leave a notable first impression (even if it’s cluttered).

If your family areas are cramped, dark, and awkward, it’s probably because an outdated floor plan and previous DIY updates left you with an interior design hole you can’t seem to dig yourself out of. Your design wheels are stuck because common areas, historically, are in various, separate regions of the home. Some are right inside the front door, while others are in the center or back of the house. There’s no flow or connectivity, which feels clunky.

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There was a time when we lived that way. Each room had its specific purpose and formality. But lifestyles are far more communal today, and a family room renovation could be the key to your entire home interior happiness.

The Innovative Construction Process

We handle your home remodeling projects with our seamless design-build process. Our process ensures:

  • No details get missed
  • Communication is quick and reliable
  • You have direct involvement every step of the way

Read more about our process to learn how your project needs will be handled.

Working with a design-build company means you get the full gamut of expertise required for an upscale family room renovation. Our team includes architects, interior designers, construction managers, and trade craftsmen all within the same company on the same page with the details of your project.

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