25 Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Bathrooms are usually small spaces, but they require many more decisions than other types of room. This list of 25 bathroom remodeling tips will help familiarize you with options you might not have considered. Take a look at these tips and photos from our past projects to get a good idea of your needs and style.

1. Go for a tall cabinet.

A  tall tower will add a valuable amount of storage. This bathroom has a nice tall tower as well as ample countertop space.

25 bathroom remodeling tips

2. Keep cleaning in mind when choosing finishes.

For example, tile with a distressed look like this one does not show dirt.

25 bathroom remodeling tips

3. Be brave.

A powder room is the best place to have fun with a wonderfully wacky wallpaper. Accordingly, we are crazy about this one where insects compose a pretty traditional pattern.

25 bathroom remodeling tips

4. Tell your designer about all of the things you need to plug in and ask for smart storage options.

Your designer  can find you a good spot to store hair dryers, curling irons, electric shavers, electric toothbrushes and more. For example, this is a hidden grooming appliance garage.

25 bathroom remodeling tips

This pull-out has inserts for hair appliances. And the metal holders mean they can be stashed safely even when they are still hot. Also, they can help you hide outlets inside. For example, outlets can be installed in medicine cabinets.

25 bathroom remodeling tips

5. Think about countertop storage.

Because it’s super handy to be able to see and access things at this height. Additionally, we appreciate the way these clients outfitted their cabinet with matching organizers. Corral things in categories like hair products, makeup, shaving, eye care and more.

25 bathroom remodeling tips

6. When it comes to sizing a bathroom mirror, err on the side of too big.

Mirrors bounce light around and add depth to small spaces. So the bigger, the better!

7. Consider a wall-mounted toilet for a small space.

The tank is hidden behind the wall, accessible through the flush panel.

8. Find a vanity with some personality.

This vanity looks more like bedroom furniture than bathroom cabinetry. We can have all sorts of styles made custom. And the possibilities for finishes are endless.

9. Consider an open shelf for storing extra towels.

Because having to run to a hallway linen closet in your birthday suit is always a chilly dash!

10. Spend time planning your shower niches.

You can never have too much niche space. So make sure they are tall enough for your tallest bottles. Also, try and give every family member their own niche, or their own spot in a long niche. Another thing to consider when planning a niche is to place one to serve as a leg-shaving shelf.

11. Have fun with pattern on the floor. 

It’s nice to anchor a bathroom with a pattern. This is a great way to work pattern into a calm and serene space.

12. Consider some curves.

In a tight spot, a curved vanity can be a nice addition, especially if you’re the type who is constantly banging a hip on a hard corner. And curves give a vanity a unique custom furniture look.

13. Toast your towels.

You will never regret the luxury provided by a heated towel bar.

14. Celebrate the penny!

Penny tile is not just for floors — consider extending it from floor to ceiling.

15. Repurpose.

Converting a console, chest or dresser into a vanity adds personality to a bathroom. 

16. Get cute in the shower.

Have some extra fun when choosing shower floor tile, particularly in a kids’ bathroom.

17. Create privacy.

If you don’t have space for a separate water closet, choose a layout that gives the loo some privacy.

18. Think of drawer pulls and knobs as your bathroom’s jewelry.

Hardware is a great way to accessorize with some fun touches.

family-friendly basement powder rooms

19. Play museum in the bathroom.

The bathroom is a place for a playful art gallery. And let the artwork inspire a bold paint color on the vanity.

20. Ask us about shower drain options.

For example, linear drain is a great choice for a curbless shower.

25 bathroom remodeling tips

21. Avoid the pile of dirty clothes on the floor.

Tuck a hamper into the bathroom cabinetry.

25 bathroom remodeling tips

22. Don’t get hemmed in by typical bathroom light fixtures.

You can add a lot of personal style with a statement chandelier or sconces.

25 bathroom remodeling tips

23. Bathe in a garden.

Botanical wallpapers are a beautiful choice for a bathroom.

25 bathroom remodeling tips

This tropical option is a bold botanical choice.

25 bathroom remodeling tips

24. Extend the tile.

Rather than only tiling a backsplash, consider extending a tile from the floor to wainscoting that stops at backsplash height.

25. Make plans for the future.

Talk to your designer about aging-in-place aspects. These include shower benches,  grab bars, proper lighting, non-slip surfaces, room for aides to give assistance, handheld shower heads, proper clearances, easy-to-use cabinet hardware and more.

We hope that these 25 bathroom remodeling tips and tricks will help get your creative juices flowing. Keep a list of your must-haves and wish list and share them with us when you’re ready to get started on your project.

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