Meet the Team at Innovative Design + Build

Clark Harris
Founder and President

Upon graduating from St. Lawrence University with a degree in history and education, Clark moved south to Atlanta. He continued his career in construction working for a company that specialized in finishing and restoration. After working in this genre of construction for four years, Clark decided to start his own business, specializing in renovation and restoration. In 2000, he founded Innovative Construction. When the company expanded to both Design and Build in 2021, Innovative Construction became Innovative Design Build.

“I founded this company in 2000 because I love remodeling and I love to make people happy. As the company has grown, we have remained focused on delivering the projects of our clients’ dreams on time and on budget,” he says. “We use a predictable, streamlined, systematic process that delivers consistent, high-quality results. I promise we will do everything possible to make you a happy client for life.”

Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, Clark later moved with his family to Hingham, Massachusetts. Clark currently lives in Roswell with his wife Hilary, and children Ben, Danny, Samantha, and their dogs Lucy and Daisy. When not at work, you can find Clark spending time with his family at the lake, at one of his son’s football games or with his nose buried in a book.




Production Manager

As Production Manager, Eric coordinates project timelines and controls client project quality.

After living many years in Michigan, Maui, and Colorado, Eric met Clark through their wives and began working at Innovative Design Build as Clark’s right hand man. Through the years, Eric has helped Clark build up the company to what it is today and is proud to be Innovative’s Production Manager. Eric connects most with Innovative’s Core Value, “Quality.” As Production Manager, Eric’s priority is that the project timeline stays on track, on budget, and most importantly is up to the high standards our team promises our clients. Although Eric works behind the scenes, his professional superpower would be his consideration for our clients. No matter what the issue, he is always a call away! 

Eric lives in Decatur with his wife Liz, son Miles, and energetic pug mix, Mike.  When not at work, you can find them watching Miles on the soccer field, cheering on Atlanta United, listening to live music, or debating their next beach vs snowboarding trip.

Innovative Design + Build team photo

Diego Hernandez

Project Manager

As Project Manager, Diego sees to it that his projects are on track, and all clients’ concerns are addressed through weekly walkthroughs. 

After working at a couple of construction companies, one of Diego’s friends referred him to Innovative Design Build. At first he worked as a helper, but quickly showed Innovative what he had to offer and was promoted to Project Manager. Diego connects most with Innovative’s Core Value, “Communication,” simply because he believes it is the foundation for all of the other core values. One thing he wants our clients to know is that he will always put his best foot forward to ensure your project is completed with the highest quality.

Diego is originally from Hidalgo, Mexico. He moved to the United States about 12 years ago with his wife, Idalia, and two daughters, Marianna and Mia. When not at work, you can find Diego spending time with his family or completing projects around his house.

Raul Lopez Innovative Design + Build team photo

Raul Lopez

Project Manager

As Project Manager, Raul sees to it that his projects are on track, and all clients’ concerns are addressed through weekly walkthroughs.

Raul began his professional career in the Maintenance and Hospitality Industries, where he honed his supervisory and managerial skills. Eventually, he brought all his experience from those jobs to the Construction Industry, where he focused primarily on carpentry and design. Years of developing his skills led to his current position, Project Manager. One thing Raul would like for his clients to know about him is how hardworking he is. He knows the value of doing what’s right, even if it requires more work. For this reason, Raul most connects with Innovative’s Core Value of Growth — he never misses an opportunity to learn something new. 

When not at work, you can find Raul at church, hiking, biking, gardening or watching F1 with his wife, Anca, and their dog.

Trevor Robertson Innovative Design + Build team photo

Trevor Robertson

Project Manager

As Project Manager, Trevor sees to it that his projects are on track, and all clients’ concerns are addressed through weekly walkthroughs.

From a young age, Trevor enjoyed building, fixing and creating. As he grew up, he realized just how powerful being able to turn a concept or idea into something tangible is. This epiphany led to a degree in Construction Science and Management from Clemson University. With years of experience under his belt, he joined Innovative Design Build in 2018. His professional superpower is planning, then replanning when the plan changes! Because of this, he most connects with Innovative’s core value, Organized. In order to stay up-to-date with the projects at hand, Trevor values the importance of organization and puts them into practice every day. 

When not at work, you can find Trevor playing tennis, softball or golf; working on home projects; or simply spending quality time with his wife and two daughters.

Christopher Rodriguez Innovative Design + Build team photo

Christopher Rodriguez

Site Supervisor

As Site Supervisor, Chris takes responsibility for the Project Manager when absent.

From a young age, Chris would help his dad around the house, including building entire home additions from start to finish! Once he graduated high school, he began working in the concrete industry, but soon, a spark ignited within him to go to college. In 2022, Christopher graduated with an Associate Degree in Construction Management which led him to Innovative Design Build. One thing Chris would like clients to know is how detail-oriented he is. If there are questions, concerns, or issues to be handled, he will always be one call away. Chris most connects with Innovative’s Core Value of “Consideration.” In both his personal life and professional life, he is always conscious of other people, what they need and how they are feeling.

When not at work, you can find him in his hometown of Riverdale, Georgia, with his family. On the weekends, Chris enjoys hiking and exploring new places or spending time learning about anything and everything.

Haylan Marmalejos Innovative Design + Build team photo

Haylan Marmalejos

Site Supervisor

In the absence of Project Manager, Raul, Haylan makes sure to supervise projects on a daily basis.

After high school, Haylan began working at a paint store while he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Georgia State. Next, Haylan worked alongside his stepdad in commercial painting, where he observed all sides of the construction industry while working closely with all the other trades. Knowing the time and effort that goes into completing a project, Haylan connects most with Innovative Design Build’s Core Value of “Communication.” He would prefer for all parties involved to over communicate, and not leave space for errors. Haylan strives to be a perfectionist, and he treats clients’ homes as if they were his own. Haylan knew Innovative was right for him when he saw how the company valued family culture. “While work is important, family is everything,” he says.

Isaias Rangel Martinez Innovative Design + Build team photo

Isaias Rangel Martinez

Site Supervisor

When Project Manager Diego is absent, Isaias takes on the role of Site Supervisor to coordinate project completion for his team. 

Isaias has been in construction for over 20 years, beginning as a helper. Demonstrating his initiative and dedication, he quickly became a carpenter. Isaias has developed a deep gift for all areas of carpentry and construction such as framing and siding, but his superpower is trimwork. His expertise granted him a Supervisor position. Isaias has learned to connect most with Innovative Design Build’s Core Value of Quality. He values the trust clients put into the company and refuses to take it for granted. He always gives his best to everything he does, and he treats every task as if the project were his own.  Isaias also lives by the rule “Don’t leave what you can do today for tomorrow.” 

When not at work, you can find Isaias at a river or park with his beloved wife and son.


Jackeline Safran Innovative Design + Build team photo

Jackeline Safran

Design Manager

With years of experience in Design and Management, Jackeline oversees the Design Department by keeping Design on schedule.

After receiving a Bachelor of Architectural Design and a Master’s in Engineering Project Management, Jackeline began her career by working in all areas of Architecture and Construction, and has 10 years of extensive experience in Design and Management under her belt. She continued to develop her career with six years of supervisory experience and has been estimating for 4 years and counting. With over 20 years of experience, Jackeline would say her professional superpower is her knowledge on the different parts of a project’s process. Having to deal with much information and data, Jackeline has learned to connect most with Innovative’s core value, “Organization”. Ultimately, she knew she was in the right place when she saw the diversity in the employees and how highly Innovative cared for their Core Values. 

When not at work, you can find Jackeline with her Civil Engineer husband, her 21 year old son and her two grandchildren looking for natural water spots or enjoying the latino culture. When not too hot, you can find Jackeline tending to her garden.

Cassie Keeling Innovative Design + Build team photo

Cassie Keeling


As Designer, Cassie drafts her own plans and prepares all Design details for her clients.

Cassie began her design career working on new custom homes, where her job focused more on structural design and hard finishes. Wanting more, she learned Innovative Design Build offered turnkey renovations to clients, and knew she had to be a part of the team. Cassie has always been motivated by the whole-picture of a renovation and is glad she has found a company where she can see her vision come to life. She connects most with Innovative’s Core Value, Consideration. Whether it be client-facing or with the team, she tries to remind herself that consideration is the first step to building connections and allowing moments to fall where they may. Not surprisingly, her professional superpower is the ability to connect with and understand people.

When not at work, you can find Cassie being active outdoors. Hiking, days at the lake or beach and snowboarding are her favorite pastimes.

Sabrina Brown Innovative Design + Build team photo

Sabrina Brown

Junior designer

As Junior Designer, Sabrina lends a hand with tasks such as drafting plans, and keeping clients up-to-date throughout the design process.

After receiving her Associate of Science degree, Sabrina landed at Kirkland’s and found her passion for design reignited as she helped customers decorate their homes. She felt a calling to go back to school for Interior Design. After graduating, she connected with her love of space planning while working for a custom cabinetry fabrication company. As Junior Designer at Innovative Design Build, her motto is “Never Stop Learning.”

When not at work, you can find Sabrina either spending time in her hometown, Loganville, Georgia, with her mom, dad and younger sister, or in Lawrenceville, Georgia, with her husband, Adam. She is a proud “plant mom” of  potted plants and a flower and vegetable garden.

Juan Diaz Borgia Innovative Design + Build team photo

Juan Diaz Borgia

Assistant Estimator

As Assistant Estimator, Juan serves to create detailed Construction Agreements.

Juan speaks three languages and studied Mechanical Engineering in Venezuela before moving to the United States. Upon arrival, he took jobs in various construction trade positions. Combined with his engineering knowledge and strong work ethic, this experience led to a Superintendent position at a remodeling company. When he interviewed with Innovative Design Build, he was in awe of how organized the company was, and knew it was the right fit. Juan connects most with Innovative’s Core Value of Trustworthy. He values the tenet “If you say something, do it,” and appreciates how everyone on the team works hard to maintain that standard. 

When not at work, you can find Juan spending time with friends and family. He likes all things outdoors, like camping, hiking and playing soccer.

Innovative Design + Build team member with a beard wearing a black shirt

Zachary Williams

Logistics Coordinator

Zachary leads warehouse coordination and ordering, seeing to that all materials are in mint condition and ready to install.

Before arriving at Innovative, Zachary’s first job was a Delivery Driver. This job taught him the foundations to exceed at Innovative. Out of Innovative’s core values, Organized is the one Zachary connects with the most. He believes that everything in life is easier as long as there is organization. The company culture, the team, how they treated each other and the clients stood out to him. It proved to him that he was finally in the type of environment he wanted a part of. 

Unless there is yard work to be done, or groceries to be bought, you can find Zachary relaxing on the weekends. His favorite pastimes include sleeping in, binge watching TV with his girlfriend and dogs, Karma and Houston, or playing on his PC.


Innovative Design + Build team photo

Meghan Berry

Project Developer

As Project Developer, Meghan serves as a connector between the Innovative Team and her clients to maximize communication about their projects.

Upon graduation from Florida State University with a degree in Child Development, Meghan worked for a non-profit organization. After being a client for Innovative Design Build, Meghan knew it was a company she wanted to work for. Years later, she continues to love being the connector between the before and after of our clients’ homes. Really taking the time to analyze the pain points of a home and finding ways to make them better for a family makes her job as Project Developer truly enjoyable and ultimately strengthens her professional superpower; being empathetic and patient. Unsurprisingly, Meghan most connects with Innovative’s Core Value, “Consideration.” Being kind to others and looking at projects through the homeowner’s eyes is what’s most important to her.

When not at work, you can find Meghan chasing after her son at Dunwoody Nature Center, looking for the next great find while estate sale shopping, or volunteering with The Drake House and Dunwoody Rotary.


Anca Suciu


With over 5 years of experience, Anca oversees all aspects of Innovative’s Financials.

Back in Romania, Anca studied accounting in college. When she arrived in the U.S. she landed a position at Six Flags, later tried working in the Food and Service Industry and eventually landed where she belonged, at Innovative Design Build. One thing she would like for clients to know about her is how organized and detail-oriented she is. Being in charge of the Accounting department requires high-level supervision of all transactions the company handles, and demands meticulous and thoughtful attention. Not surprisingly, she most connects with Innovative’s Core Value, “Organization.” 

When not at work, you can find Anca somewhere in Georgia or North Carolina either hiking, biking or camping. When it is F1 Racing season, you can find Anca planted in front of the TV with her husband, Raul.

Bryan Williams Innovative Design + Build team photo

Bryan Williams

Human Resources

As HR Manager, Bryan offers company consultation on team development and strategic business movement.

Bryan was born and raised in Camden, South Carolina. He earned his Bachelor of Arts at Charleston Southern University in Religion and Psychology with an emphasis on Family Development. He is certified by Cornell University as a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) professional. Bryan worked in the non-profit sector supporting grade schoolers in social and emotional development, as well as facilitating the education of adults working toward a GED. After that, Bryan worked in the Hospitality and Tourism industry as a Regional Director of Operations. Bryan has worked to create diverse and inclusive teams within many different industries as a recruiter and business consultant.

Bryan lives in Nashville, Tennessee, with his wife Jaime and their 4 children — Noah Brynn, Micah, Judah, and Caleb. His free time is filled with hitting the gym, exploring a park or watching Bluey with his children!

Fabiola Barboza Campos Innovative Design + Build team photo



Fabiola leads the Marketing Department by engaging on Social Media, preparing project awards, and lots more!

After graduating with a Bachelor of Administration from Kennesaw State University, Fabiola began searching for a position and is thankful to have landed at Innovative Design Build on her first go-around. While completing her Bachelor’s, Fabiola fell in love with the creative side of Marketing, and believes that is one of her superpowers.Since Innovative is Fabiola’s first job after graduation, she most connects with Innovative’s core value, “Growth”. Fabiola is grateful to have found a job that encourages her continued learning and is thankful for the development she has experienced so far.

Fabiola was born and raised in Lawrenceville, Georgia but is proud of her Costa Rican heritage. When not at work, you can find Fabiola at the gym, jamming out to Broadway hits, or hanging out with her friends and family.