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New Home Additions
Homeowners in Atlanta, GA

The pros at Innovative Design + Build want to help you make the most of your home. After all, your home is your greatest asset, so it should work for all of your needs, whether you want extra space for the family to gather or an additional bathroom for the kids. That’s why we design and build custom home additions for residents of the greater Atlanta, Georgia, area. We can work with you to design a room addition that perfectly suits your taste and gives your family the extra space they need.

Since 2000, homeowners throughout the area have relied on Innovative Design + Build to deliver high-quality design/build services. We’ve been so successful in this endeavor that we’ve earned numerous industry distinctions, including an A-plus rating with the Better Business Bureau and inclusion in Remodeling magazine’s “Big 50” and “Top 550” lists. And all of those accolades are due to the exemplary services we provide, thanks to our streamlined, multi-step construction process.

A minimalistic white, gray and light wood bathroom. Next to a sink with a mirror is a large shower with glass doors.

Our Home Addition Process

Whether you live in the heart of Atlanta or one of the city’s suburbs, we can put our design-build process to work for you. It’s easy to get started — simply call us for a phone consultation and in-home estimate. Following these initial meetings, collaboration and planning can begin! We work closely with you to understand what you hope to achieve with your home addition and assist you with selecting materials and finishes.

Once you approve the final design, construction gets underway. We provide you with the phone numbers of every designer and tradesperson on your team and conduct weekly walk-throughs with you, so you always know the status of your project.

When the project is complete, we accompany you on a final walk-through to ensure the results exceed your expectations. Our support continues with three-year warranty coverage, which includes 60-day and one-year warranty visits for your peace of mind.

Our Home Additions

There’s virtually no limit to the type of home addition we can build for you. Some of our more popular projects include:

Bathroom Additions

Do you want to add another bathroom to your home? Or perhaps you want to expand a current bathroom into a master? Whatever your needs, we can make it happen! Plus, we can add luxurious features, such as a steam shower, double vanity, and more.

Kitchen Expansions

Is your kitchen too small for your needs? Is it missing crucial storage space? We can improve your kitchen by tearing down walls and installing a kitchen island, banquette seating, a custom pantry, and other helpful additions.

Second-Story Additions

Perhaps you’re looking to add an entirely new story to your home — that’s not too big of an ask for our team! We can remove your roof, construct a second story, and install a new roof over this addition. While this may seem like an elaborate measure, many homeowners who love their home and neighborhood opt to go this route rather than move to a new home.

Sunroom and Screen Room Additions

One of the easier home additions, installing a sunroom or screen room gives you a place to enjoy the outdoors without contending with all its nuisances. With floor-to-ceiling windows and even glass roofs, these house additions can be a stunning feature of your home and improve its overall value.

Pool House Additions

Take your outdoor space to the next level by adding a pool house. Functional and stylish, pool houses can serve a variety of purposes, whether you want a small space to clean off that’s separate from the main house or you want it to serve as a guest house.

Room Additions

Are you looking for an extra room to make your home more functional? We can add any room you request to provide the additional space your family needs. Our areas of expertise include:

Guest Houses

Guest houses are excellent additions to your home, whether as a place for visitors to spend the weekend or a space for a live-in housekeeper or nanny to stay. Guest houses can also be used as other spaces that your family may need, such as an art studio or an unattached in-law suite, depending on what you want when adding this space to your home’s outdoor space.

Things To Consider With Your Atlanta Home Addition

It’s easy to picture your addition in theoretical terms, but many logistics go into making your project a success. Here’s what to keep in mind:

Building codes

Building codes address issues from fire safety to structural stability, so you can’t ignore them. Our design-build firm understands the requirements to keep your home safe and code-compliant.

HOA regulations

HOA regulations may apply if a homeowners association oversees your Atlanta-area neighborhood. Contact your HOA before beginning your project to find out what restrictions could limit your design creativity.

HVAC Systems

Your heating and cooling system must reach the home addition somehow. One option is to extend the ductwork and upgrade your HVAC equipment to accommodate the increased load. Another choice is to invest in a ductless heating and cooling system to ensure comfort without affecting your existing furnace and air conditioner.

Traffic Flow

The floor plan and traffic flow could be affected by your home addition, especially if you’re adding a second story. Careful planning early in the process determines the feasibility of your ideas and gives you a chance to brainstorm creative solutions, if necessary.


The materials and finishes of your home addition will likely appear more modern than the rest of your house. Still, the goal is to blend the old and new together seamlessly for a coherent product that is functional and aesthetically pleasing both inside and out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does an addition add value to a home?

Yes! It’s estimated that the sale price increases at least 30% for every 1,000 square feet you add to your home. Of course, the craftsmanship and quality of your materials and finishes come into play. Be sure to team up with a luxury remodeler in to maximize your return on investment.

Should I build up or build out?

If building up is an option, second-story additions tend to be the most cost-effective way to increase a home’s square footage. Then again, if you have ample land on your property, building out is also a viable way to expand your living space.

How long does it take to add a room to a house?

Room additions take about three to four months on average to construct after the planning, designing, and permitting phases are complete. Of course, this estimate may vary depending on the size and scope of your project. Contact our remodeling company in Atlanta to discuss your ideas and get a more accurate timeline.