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Top Bathroom Trends for 2022

As we close out 2021, we have a good idea of which bathroom trends will continue to be popular in 2022 and beyond. Here are ten of the top bathroom trends for 2022 that we know savvy Atlanta homeowners will be looking for when remodeling.aging in place bathroom Top bathroom trends for 2022

1. Elements for Aging in Place

Many of our clients are planning for the future, and when they remodel they are thinking long-term. The bathroom is one of the most important spaces to make safe for aging in place. If this is a concern of yours, our designers will help you navigate things like comfort height toilets, grab bars, proper lighting, shower benches, handheld wands and curbless showers to make your bathroom space work for you as you for many years to come.

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Spacious bathroom suite with white tile, wood cabinets, large mirror, and comfortable ambiance.

2. Custom Vanities

We’re happy to help homeowners see that the vanity is not only a functional piece, but also a chance to make a statement in the bathroom. Unique finishes, special hardware and furniture-like designs trended in 2021. And we think this is a trend that will continue well beyond 2022.

Top bathroom trends for 2022

3. Clear Glass Shower Enclosures

Now that homeowners have discovered how much lighter and airier a clear glass shower surround can make a bathroom feel, we’re sure they are here to stay. The glass technology has also improved to make it easier to keep the glass clean. But do know that you’ll still probably have to use a squeegee to keep it looking nice.

divided lite shower enclosure

The divided-lite shower enclosure has continued to be popular this year. It adds a polished industrial element to a bathroom.

Top bathroom trends for 2022

4. Heated Floors and Towel Bars

Once homeowners experience the warmth underfoot from heated floor or on their towels from a heated towel bar, they never want to go back. Both of these bathroom technologies are here to stay. Up next are heated towel drawers — we expect to see more requests for those in 2022.

freestanding bathtub

5. Sculptural Freestanding Bathtubs

Freestanding tubs open up more space than tubs with decks and surrounds. This helps the bathroom feel larger and airier. A new trend is also shorter, deeper tubs. And as more homeowners learn about Japanese ofuro tubs, which are cylindrical and provide a seat to sit in deep water, we predict we’ll have more requests for them in 2022.

Top bathroom trends for 2022 picket tile

6. Picket Tile

While subway tile will always be a classic, many of our clients are looking for something a little different. Meet picket tile. Inspired by hexagonal tile, it’s stretched out a bit for an elongated look. And sometimes the edges are more curved like the tiles seen here. This adds some more interesting lines than the straight lines of subway tile. We think picket is a trend that has staying power and won’t look dated down the line.

white and wood Top bathroom trends for 2022

7. White and Wood Palettes

An all-white bathroom can lean cold and sterile. But our design team has shown homeowners how adding wood to the white creates warmth and beautiful contrast.

powder room with wallpaper bathroom trend

8. Wowing Wallpaper

20 years ago, the only wallpaper specialists we worked with were usually wallpaper removal specialists! But wallpaper came back in a big way, and has proven that it’s here to stay. Powder rooms provide a great opportunity to go bold with wallpaper, as they are the little jewel boxes of the house.

wet room layout

9. Wet Room Layout Strategies

Wet room layouts have  been more popular in Europe than here in the States. Traditionally, they have no shower enclosure at all, because their bathrooms typically are smaller than bathrooms are here. But here, we’re finding our clients are more drawn to a partial wet room layout. This means putting the tub and shower behind the enclosure together  to save space and keep the main bathroom floor dry.

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toe kick scale

10. Hardworking Bathroom Storage

Bathroom cabinetry options offer all sorts of great organization and space-saving possibilities. This pull-out scale in a vanity toe-kick was a favorite feature among our followers. Above it the false drawer fronts conceal pull out trash bins. Another popular bathroom cabinetry item is a hair appliance drawer that offers a safe spot for hot irons and hair dryers. We are excited to see what new kinds of bathroom storage 2022 will bring.

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