How To Modernize Your Bungalow in Atlanta

This article will explore how to modernize your bungalow in Atlanta. We’ll talk about bungalow style and how to renovate in a way that is in keeping with the charming architecture of these homes.  Because while these homes are lovely and cozy, growing families often feel the need to expand or, at the very least, update them for modern family life. We can help you determine how to modernize your bungalow home in Atlanta while at the same time, respecting and preserving its historic charm.

How To Modernize Your Bungalow Home in Atlanta

This can happen several ways including:

  • Adding a second floor
  • Finishing the attic or basement
  • Putting on an addition
  • Adding a screened porch
  • Building an ADU or office shed in the yard

We’ll look through some of the bungalow projects we’ve completed, showing some different options. Some embrace Craftsman architecture, while others divert from it in a respectful way to suit homeowners’ more modern tastes.

How To Modernize Your Bungalow Home in Atlanta

What is Bungalow House Style?

By definition, a bungalow is a one or one-and-a-half story home, and often has a front porch. Because they tend to be small, they usually have two to three bedrooms and one or two baths here in Atlanta.  While their architectural style can vary, they usually have Craftsman style. And here in Atlanta they definitely tend to have Craftsman style. This is because Atlanta was being rebuilt during the post Civil War era as a growing population created a bigger housing demand.

The Arts and Crafts/Craftsman era was a response to the Industrial Revolution and favored handmade craftsmanship. This includes expansive carpentry in the form of millwork, stained glass windows and handmade tiles. Motifs often feature natural themes like leaves, acorns and flowers. Ironically, their popularity boomed at the same time that kit houses did, so many of these homes were ordered from catalogs such as Sears, shipped, and put together on site. This is why you may see your same bungalow down the street or in every neighborhood of Atlanta.

How To Modernize Your Bungalow Home in Atlanta

Modernizing Indoor-Outdoor Bungalow Space

A new screened-in porch provides a three-season indoor-outdoor space along the back of the house. There are lots of ways to extend and modernize your bungalow’s space. These include screened-in porches, open porches, adding a patio or deck and adding a shed or ADU.

fire pit outdoors

This new potting shed added storage space to our clients’ home. They had us build a shed in a Craftsman style that matched their house.

A Second Floor Dormer Expands a Bungalow

Another way to add a second floor is to design a large dormer on the back of the house. This will keep the front facade looking much the same, preserving a more low-slung bungalow style. In this second-floor addition, we used siding and trim in keeping with the home’s architecture. Using a contrasting material gave a pleasing architectural look.

A New Space Over the Garage Expands This Bungalow’s Living Space

For this Morningside bungalow, we expanded the living space by creating a room over the garage. Then we connected it to the house through an enclosed breezeway on the inside and new stairs and decking on the outside. The windows and garage overhang have classic bungalow style, making it look like it’s always been here. Details include the shed roof, corbels and transom garage door windows.

Here’s a look at the beautiful interior of the room over the garage. The soaring ceiling makes the space feel light and airy, freshening up the bungalow look.

How To Modernize Your Bungalow Home in Atlanta

An Addition Can Expand a Bungalow’s Living Space

A sunporch and new outdoor space are a great way to expand a bungalow’s indoor and outdoor space. In this case, the window panes have Craftsman style that suits the era of many of the bungalows in metro Atlanta. And the architecture of the addition resembles a porch yet provides fully finished indoor space.

Here’s what that sunporch looks like from the outside.

At this charming bungalow, we fully renovated the house and added a large two-story addition on the back. But from the street, we preserved the classic facade. This is a respectful way to approach an addition in a historic neighborhood.

How To Modernize Your Bungalow Home in Atlanta

Potential Living Space May Be Beneath Your Bungalow

The conditions of bungalow basements and crawl spaces are usually quite rough, as this one was. However, a basement project can be a great way to expand and modernize your bungalow.

Or More Space May Be Overhead

Often with bungalows, you’ll be dealing with angled ceilings along the roofline on the second level. And it may be that 1/2 level or an attic. In this attic renovation, we cozied bunk beds beneath the ceiling in a playroom that’s made for sleepovers.

Modernizing Your Bungalow for a Busy Family

Bungalows are not exactly known for having the large mudrooms larger modern homes have today. Create space with a new addition, or let us help you find a good spot to carve out a family landing zone.

Modernizing the Kitchen in a Bungalow

One way to keep the feeling of a Craftsman bungalow kitchen in a more modern way is to use wood cabinets and natural materials but with updated clean lines. In this kitchen, the wood cabinetry maintains the warm feeling and nods to the Craftsman era, while the rectilinear countertop edges and hardware make it more modern. The clean look of stainless steel also adds a modern vibe.

Of course, just because your bungalow may be Arts and Crafts or Craftsman style, it doesn’t mean you can’t lighten up. In this light and bright white kitchen, the wood floors, Oriental rug and caned counter stools recall the era.

Modernizing Living and Family Rooms in a Bungalow

You can also lighten up a bungalow in living and family rooms to reflect a more modern, light and airy style. In this room, the wood fireplace surround, flooring and beams harken back to the Craftsman era. And the transitional mix of furnishings also is a good fit. But shiplap walls, the light color palette and current fabrics mix in updated furnishings that give the room and overall transitional style.

Adding a Home Bar To a Bungalow

Custom built-ins are a great way to modernize your bungalow. They are space-saving and efficient. And they recall the craftsmanship that put the “craft” in “Craftsman era!” In this case, the dark wood, black bin pull handles and dark countertops bring in Craftsman flavor. The bar makes great use of this wall and serves the kitchen, living room and dining room. The shiplap walls and open shelving add modern touches to the mix.

Modernizing Your Bungalow Dining Room

Space in a bungalow dining room tends to be tight. So lighter walls are a good way to make it feel more expansive and modern. In this case, the coffered ceiling adds a traditional touch, while the furnishings are more modern. Another way to modernize a bungalow is to update lighting. This is something that isn’t too permanent but will have a big impact.

Modernizing a Bungalow Bathroom

Choosing a lively wallpaper is a fun way to modernize a bungalow and put your personal stamp on it. In this powder room, a beetle wallpaper delivers a natural motif with a wink.

Modernizing a Full Bathroom in a Bungalow

In almost all cases, bathroom space in bungalows is tight. In order to gain space, you may need to overtake closet, bedroom or hallway space. Or you may want to consider an addition. Feel free to go as modern as you like in a bungalow bathroom. But try to keep exterior elements within the space like Craftsman style windows.

We hope this post has helped you imagine how to modernize your bungalow in Atlanta. Or anywhere really — if you’re joining us from afar, welcome to all bungalow fans! Our minds are open to all your ideas, and we’d love to speak with you about your home renovation plans. When you’re ready, please give us a call to schedule a free consultation.

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