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10 Bathroom Trends for 2023

With the new year upon us, it’s time to check out 10 Bathroom Trends for 2023. Check out what’s been trending nationally along with our local Atlanta-area clients and see if any of these bathroom trends strike inspiration for your own space.

1. Integrated Hampers

You know how it goes, you strip off your clothes to hop into the shower and they wind up on the bathroom floor. No more. Now you can pop them right into a hamper in the bathroom. This photo was taken without the removable bin, which makes it easy to take your clothes straight from the bathroom to the laundry when you’re ready to do a load.

10 Bathroom Trends for 2023 paper towel

2. Smarter Undersink Storage

Those cabinet doors underneath your bathroom sink can quickly become a jumble, where you’re on the floor, reaching around the pipes in the back to find a roll of T.P.  But it’s easy to rectify this, either by installing drawers instead of doors, or a pull-out drawer like the one seen here. This makes the space easy to access while maximizing the most of every inch.

10 Bathroom Trends for 2023 Berkeley Lake, GA bathroom remodel

3. Integrating Smart Technology in the Bathroom

This bathroom has lots of the latest technology, included integrated LEDs in the bathroom mirror that are controlled by Amazon’s Alexa. It also has a  smart toilet-bidet from Kohler, a TV and a tub with a Hydro Fusion system.

Our clients can control the lights via voice control as well as play music, check the weather, control other smart home devices and more. The built-in microphone and speakers and integrated Alexa technology mean they don’t need to clutter up the countertop with a device or speakers.

Learn More About This Smart Tech Bathroom

10 Bathroom Trends for 2023 Curbless shower

4. Mirror-Mounted Lighting

Big mirrors in bathrooms are back. But they are no longer the “builder-grade”unfinished expanses of glass. Instead, they are built in elegantly.

Taking up so much space with a mirror can be tricky because it doesn’t leave room for lighting above or to the side of the mirror itself. So many of our clients are choosing to mount the lights on the mirror. This is an elevated solution that doubles the light because of the reflection.

10 Bathroom Trends for 2023 Newly redesigned bathroom biophilia

5. Biophilic Elements

Biophilia is an important element in promoting wellness at home. It means bringing in natural elements to create a stronger connection to nature while indoors, which promotes wellness at home. In this bathroom, the soft clay color of the tiles, the natural materials on the basket and blinds, the plant and the leafy pattern on the towels add biophilic elements to the space.

Berkeley Lake, GA bathroom remodel 10 Bathroom Trends for 2023

6. 3-D Tiles

The advances in tile production will continue to add more fabulous options in 2023. In this bathroom, a textured porcelain tile resembles bamboo. This also added a biophilic element to the contemporary space.

10 Bathroom Trends for 2023

7. Expanded Spaces

The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) predicts expanded areas as a trend for 2023. These include the removal of walls to open the bathroom to adjoining areas. So long as your toilet is in a separate water closet, this is a great idea that will give your vanity area a chic boutique hotel-like feeling. In this bathroom, large barn doors that match the wall paneling and cabinetry open up this area to the primary bathroom.

Bathroom addition in a home in Alpharetta

8. Curbless Shower Entries

Curbless shower entries are helpful for those who want to age in place. A lack of threshold allows for easy access for a walker or wheelchair. Another age-in-place element seen here is a handheld shower wand option.

9. Floating Shower Benches

A floating shower bench keeps a space feeling open and airier, allowing for the shower floor tile to extend underneath it. These benches are also a good way to add an elegant stone or engineered stone. In this case we wrapped the bench in the same stone we used throughout the bathroom. Finally, a shower bench is another great aging-in-place element to add to a shower.

10. Going Bolder

NKBA also predicts vibrant design as a growing trend in 2023, meaning combinations of multiple design elements and materials with bold accents and splashes of color and texture. We couldn’t agree more. While neutral color palettes are still popular, we’re seeing more and more of our clients leaning into more vibrant colors, bolder patterns, new textures and mixing and matching finishes.

We hope you’ve had fun looking over our 10 Bathroom Trends for 2023, whether you predict the same things or not! Either way, our minds our open to all your ideas, and we’d love to speak with you about your home renovation plans. When you’re ready, please give us a call to schedule a free consultation.

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