Home Remodeling Trends for 2022

Now that we’re almost halfway through 2022, we’re taking some time out to share the home remodeling trends that homeowners continue to request the most. We foresee these trends continuing into 2023 — if you have a home remodeling project in mind, now’s the time to plan for your life at home for the next phase of your life.

Home remodeling trends 2022 outdoor

1. Outdoor Living

Many of the remodeling projects homeowners want were born out of being stuck at home during the shutdown. Homeowners discovered just how much they were craving living space in their yards. This also dovetails nicely with the growing wellness at home trend, with fresh air, recreation, connecting with nature and the vitamin D from sunshine becoming priorities.

Elements homeowners are requesting are outdoor kitchens, grilling stations, spas, screened-in porches, gathering spots around a fire pit, putting greens and other recreational areas.

Home remodeling trends 2022 ADU

2. Outbuildings

More and more of our clients want to turn existing sheds and garages into functional living spaces. Uses include  accessory dwelling units (ADUs), in-law suites, guest houses, home offices, she sheds, he sheds, yoga/meditation rooms and quiet places for kids to do their homework.

Home remodeling trends 2022 ADUYou may have a dilapidated building in your yard that you think is hopeless — trust us, we’ve transformed some buildings where you wouldn’t believe what they looked like before. And if it’s a new structure you’re looking for, we can do that for you too.

biophilic design

3. Biophilic Design

Bilo … what? This is a scientific sounding way of saying that homeowners want to bring that outdoor feeling indoors. Studies have shown that having materials and colors that imitate nature indoors can reduce stress and improve wellness. The green of tree leaves painted on the wall, the sound of a bubbling creek coming from a small fountain, the life a fiddlehead fig brings inside the house or even shower tile that looks like bamboo (seen here) are all ways to add biophilic design to your home.

Potting rooms and flower arranging stations are also gaining traction. Consider transforming an existing room or alcove for these activities,  or creating one when building an addition.

Home remodeling trends 2022 home bar

4. Home Bars

The uptick in requests for home bars may have come out of not being able to go to bars and restaurants. But now that people are feeling somewhat safer getting together, homeowners have a renewed enthusiasm for hosting family and friends at home. A home bar is a great way to set up and serve cocktails away from where you’re trying to get the food ready in the kitchen. They also add a fun swanky element to any home.

wine storage

5. Custom Wine Storage

Wine collecting is a something many of our clients enjoy, and they want to keep their bottles stored at the right temperature in a way that’s easily accessible.

home bar

And our in-house designers and carpenters want to make sure the wine storage is not only functional but also  beautiful. In addition to storage, a nearby tasting area is always a fun asset for oenophiles.

Home remodeling trends 2022 white kitchen

6. The All-White Kitchen Has Evolved

White kitchens continue to be a home remodeling trend in 2022, holding steady as one of the most popular color palettes in kitchens. But “all-white” has evolved into “white backdrop.” Homeowners want to add color and beautiful natural materials ( a part of biophilic design) to complement and contrast with the white. One of the easiest ways to do this is to add a contrasting island base. Navy blue, seen here, is one of the most popular options. Wood accents are another strong trend. And the all-white subway tile has given way to zellige tile, which has a variety of whites, creams and grays. All three of these elements can be seen in this kitchen we recently completed.

smart storage blind corner

7. Smart Storage

There are so many ways to make the most of every inch of storage in your home that didn’t exist even just a few years ago. Inserts have become smarter and smarter. For example, this blind corner cabinet insert makes it easy to access items way back in the depths of a corner cabinet.

Home remodeling trends 2022 smart storage

Other examples of efficient and ergonomic storage include cooking utensil inserts, herb and oil pull-outs, cookie sheet and cutting board slats and more. And many homeowners are going for deep drawers rather than cabinet doors on their lower cabinets.

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Home remodeling trends 2022 age in place

8. Universal Design/Planning for Aging in Place

Many homeowners are looking to the future to make sure that their existing homes their forever homes. Aspects to help reach this goal are main floor primary suites and laundry rooms, curbless showers, ample lighting, easy-to-pull cabinet hardware, grab bars, railings and more.

Home remodeling trends 2022 wet room

9. Wet Room Layout Strategies in Bathrooms

Wet rooms are much more common in Europe, where space is tight in a bathroom. Here in the states, people are have slowly but surely been warming to the idea of partial wet room strategies. This means that the shower and tub are placed together in one area that can take a lot of splashing. This is a great idea if you have a bathroom that could fit either a roomy shower stall or a freestanding bathtub, but you just can’t visualize how to do both. In this room both the shower and tub enjoy the light from the window and occupy a space behind the clear glass shower enclosure. This made room for our clients to have a double-vanity and a linen storage tower.

home gym

10. Home Gyms

Homeowners had to pivot their workout plans during the shutdown. And this reinvigorated the home gym trend. With wellness at home trending, many of our clients love the convenience of a home workout space.

We hope you’ve enjoyed looking through these home remodeling trends for 2022 (and the foreseeable future!). If you are ready  to start planning your home remodeling project, please give us a call to schedule a free consultation.

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