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How To Make Your Bathroom Brighter

How to make your bathroom brighter is one of the biggest questions we answer when working with clients. Whether you’re looking for a new window or your bathroom is stuck in a windowless space, we have plenty of ideas to guide you toward that light, bright and airy bathroom you’ve dreamed of. Here are some tips to think about when you are planning your design process.

How To Make Your Bathroom Brighter

1. Maximize Natural Light

Obviously, natural light is one of the best ways to brighten your bathroom. Add the largest window you can — we can use privacy glass or window treatments to maintain privacy. The wet room area in this contemporary bathroom is flooded with light from the large picture window. And the clear glass enclosure shares the light with the rest of the space.

How To Make Your Bathroom Brighter

Centering on a bathtub beneath a window will result in an aesthetically pleasing bathroom layout.

How To Make Your Bathroom Brighter

Not everyone can swing a large window in their bathroom. In this space, a clerestory window above the mirror lets in the light while maintaining privacy. We lined the top of the mirror up with the trim around the window for a clean look.

How To Make Your Bathroom Brighter

Of course when you’re trying to bring in natural light, skylights are a great alternative to windows. If you don’t have direct access to the roof from the bathroom, it may be possible to use a light tube to bring in natural light.

How To Make Your Bathroom Brighter

2. Opt for a Light Color Palette

Light colors will go a long way in brightening your bathroom. Whites, ivories, light grays and creams are all good options, and mixing them will prevent the room from leaning cold or sterile.

How To Make Your Bathroom Lighter

3. Choose Reflective Materials

Glazed ceramic and glass tiles and slabs are great for reflecting the light. This tumbled subway tile adds a handmade look to the shower stall and reflects the light at different angles.

reflective tile

All tiles with a bit of texture to them will reflect light in interesting ways. Other materials that will bounce the light around include high gloss finishes, glass light fixtures and polished metal fixtures.

How To Make Your Bathroom Brighter

Any chance you have to add a polished metal is a chance to add some reflective glint to a space. These include faucets, shower heads, cabinet hardware, shower hinges and towel bars and rings.

How To Make Your Bathroom Brighter

4. Use a Clear Glass Shower Enclosure

A clear glass shower enclosure will not only make your bathroom feel brighter, but also make it feel bigger. Especially in cases like this aging-in-place bathroom design — the clear glass enclosure makes it possible for the entire room to benefit from the window in the shower stall.

How To Make Your Bathroom Lighter

If you’re looking for something a little more exciting than plain glass, consider a shower enclosure with panes.

layers of bathroom lighting

5. Layer Lighting

Of course, bathrooms need more than natural light. Use a combination of recessed  lights, sconces, undercabinet lighting (great for the middle of the night) and ceiling lights like chandeliers, pendant lights or flush-mount lights to create layers of light. And put them all on dimmers —  this strategy will also help you switch up the mood in the bathroom for different times of day.

How To Make Your Bathroom Brighter

6. Use Large Mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to increase the existing light in the room. They reflect and bounce the light around. If you’re scared a large mirror might look “builder grade,” add a frame around it. We made the frame seen here from vintage heart pine floorboards we mined from this homeowner’s attic. This added a personal touch that nodded to the history of the historic home.

Large bathroom mirrors with frames

Doors are a good opportunity to add an additional mirror. And over the vanity, the wide frame around the mirror provided a sophisticated way to match the double sconces.

Large Bathroom Mirror

Mounting sconces to mirrors doubles the amount of light you get from them. It’s also a great way to add a detail that makes your bathroom feel more custom and sophisticated.

We hope this article has inspired you to figure out how to make your bathroom brighter. If you need help brightening up your bathroom, please give us a call to schedule a free consultation.

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