Following the unprecedented shift toward remote work, you may find yourself in a permanent work-from-home situation. Ready to upgrade from the dining room table, kitchen counter, or living room sofa? Innovative Design + Build can build you a beautiful, functional home office where you can work in peace and quiet. We’ll work closely with you to design an office space that fits your needs, lifestyle, and budget.

What To Consider When Adding a Home Office

The perfect home office looks a little different for everyone. Here are some factors to think about as you jump-start your project:

  • Home office location: We can convert your spare bedroom, basement room, garage, or attic into a home office. We can also bump out your exterior walls or add an entirely new room to create the square footage you need for a functional home office.
  • Work schedule: Since light and heat can affect your workday, think carefully about the orientation of your home office. North-facing rooms tend to be best to reduce glare and keep the space cool.
  • Type of work you do: Are you on the computer all day? Do you place conference calls regularly? What about clients visiting in person? These factors should guide your home office’s appearance and functionality.
  • Productivity features: To increase comfort and remove distractions, make sure your home office has an ergonomic desk and chair, a combination of natural and artificial lighting, and plenty of storage to reduce clutter.

Common Features To Include in a Home Office

Whether you’re looking at converting an existing space into a home office or building one from scratch, here are the features you may want to include:

  • Custom cabinets, workspaces, shelves, and other built-in furniture
  • Secured cabinets or wall safes to store sensitive materials
  • Flexible lighting options to reduce eye strain when working at different times of the day
  • A robust electrical system to support your computers, monitors, sound system, and telecommunication equipment
  • Windows and doors to connect your home office to the great outdoors
  • Attractive finishes, such as painted walls, high-quality vinyl plank floors, baseboards, and crown molding
  • Soundproof windows, doors, walls, and floor coverings
  • Private attached bath for optimal convenience

Our Home Addition Process

Enjoy a cost-effective, stress-free home office addition by working with Innovative Design + Build. Once you understand our proven design-build process, you’ll understand why our clients love working with us!

It all begins with initial consultations by phone and in your home. After ensuring our services are the right fit, we’ll proceed to the design and collaboration phase. Our in-house team will cover price agreements, projected timelines, design details, and material selections to deliver a successful project.

Once everyone’s on the same page, construction can begin! Open communication with your project manager and weekly walkthroughs keep you in the know. When the work is finished, we’ll accompany you on a final inspection to tie up any loose ends. Then, we continue to offer support with our 60-day, 12-month, and three-year warranty visits to correct any issues that may arise.

Why Choose Innovative Design + Build?

If you’re ready to upgrade your living space with a new home office, look no further than Innovative Design + Build. We have been transforming Atlanta-area homes since 2000 with a commitment to completing our work and standing by our promises. Friendly, professional service that takes you from concept to completion — that’s the Innovative Design + Build way!

Learn more about us to see why we’re the best match for your project. Then, when you’re ready to plan your home office addition, please contact us to request a no-obligation consultation.