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Kitchen with Smart Storage

This beautiful classic cream kitchen is hiding all sorts of smart storage solutions. We worked with the homeowners to create a place for everything so that they could put everything in its place! We love to see what’s behind closed [cabinet] doors and hope you’ll enjoy getting a peek too.


The kitchen’s layout was cramped and the higher cabinetry was too hard to reach. The appliances hogged up a lot of prime space.  Our clients hated the dark appliances, the cabinet color and the sink. And the wall on the left there had a long run of bookshelves that they didn’t find very useful in a kitchen space. Although the kitchen got some great natural light through the French doors and windows, the dark finishes kept the room dark, so we also knew we’d need to bring in lots of light.

classic cream kitchen

After: Clean Transitional Style

Our in-house interior designers Molly Trost and Lauren Hoke helped our clients transform their kitchen into a light-filled and serene space. The transitional style leans more toward the traditional end of the spectrum than modern. Windsor chairs, a trestle table, vintage-inspired pendants, a herringbone backsplash and Shaker-style cabinets lend classic style. The cabinet hardware, streamlined sconces and quartz countertops keep it updated and fresh. So do all of the additional lights that keep the room airy and bright.

Most importantly, our designers created a highly functional and efficient storage plan for the kitchen. We’ll take a closer look inside at some of the storage highlights. We hope they will inspire ideas for meeting your own kitchen storage needs.

Lighting: Dutchess Pendant, Hudson Valley Lighting; cabinet paint: Creamy, Sherwin-Williams; wall paint: Moonshine, Benjamin-Moore


The cabinetry and shelves on the left were better suited to a family room or library, not a kitchen where every inch counted. But as you can see from the bulletin board on the left, a spot to keep the family organized was a must-have.

classic cream kitchenPantry Storage and Kitchen Desk Space

With the dysfunctional storage removed, we were able to move the fridge over to the side wall. This made room for a beautiful range wall complete with a herringbone backsplash and custom vent hood. This range wall became a view-worthy focal point. The renovations also included functional pantry storage to the right of the fridge.

The pantry cabinet is hardworking, with wire basket drawers, pull-out shelves and a shelf for small appliances. Outlets inside allow our clients to brew coffee or make toast right here, which keeps the countertops clear.

kitchen workstation

One very important element the wife wanted in the kitchen was a true workspace. It’s a good work from home space and is the spot where they keep all the family activities and the household organized — the area above the deck is a pinboard. And the desk area also includes a handy charging drawer. We also like to provide hidden spots in these kitchen work areas for office equipment our clients might need like printers.

herringbone backsplash

Smart Kitchen Island Storage

We turned the island to better suit the new layout. It has seating for the kiddos that’s out of the way of the work area. And there are hidden storage cabinets on this side that open with a simple push, eliminating the need for hardware. Of course, the island is packed with storage on the other sides; we’ll get a closer look in a moment.

The island helps complete a work triangle between the fridge, the range and the sink, and provides a handy prep area. The designers helped our clients choose Sherwin-Williams Uncertain Gray for the island to provide pleasing contrast.

Kitchen with Smart Storage

We arranged the storage near the range and prep areas to serve them best. This pull-out houses herbs, spices and oils. There is also a microwave drawer, a deep drawer for pots and pans and four storage drawers on this hard-working side of the island. We were able to work in a 12-inch deep drawer and cabinet on the right side as well.

Kitchen with Smart Storage

Smart Paper Towel Storage

This handy unit provides easy access to the paper towel roll off the countertops. And it has room in back to stash four additional rolls!

The countertops are Bianco Venatino quartz. This material has an elegant look but is very durable. It’s a great low-maintenance choice for busy households, especially those with young children.

custom vent hood

Smart Cooking Storage

We worked in a pull-out for canisters close to the range for cooking tools and utensils, as well as more deep drawers for pots and pans. We recommended lower cabinet drawers instead of doors  to our clients as they are more ergonomic and efficient.

Kitchen with Smart Storage

Efficient Sink Area

Located near the sink is a trash and recycling pull-out. There is also a cleaning supply pull-out caddy underneath the sink to make the best use of that space. The kitchen sink benefits from the view and natural light streaming in through the window. The high backsplash helps bounce the light around.

Newport Brass’s Gavin Faucet with an integrated pull-down sprayer adds a more contemporary touch to the traditional mix. It’s polished nickel finish is versatile and classic.

A transitional cottage kitchen featuring white cabinets, a stove, and a cozy ambiance.

Smart Blind Corner Kitchen Storage

Corner cabinets are often a waste of space. In order to rectify that, we recommended a Rev-a-Shelf blind corner insert. It slides on tracks and swings out for easy access. This unit has become a go-to for us when we are looking to maximize storage.

Kitchen with Smart Storage

Slatted Storage

Also located near the range is a slatted cabinet for items like cookie sheets, cutting boards and trays. Another insert not seen in the photos  helps with organizing Tupperware.

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