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Check Out 7 Coffee Station Ideas

A common morning problem in the kitchen is walking around bleary-eyed trying to get your coffee while someone else is cooking eggs or trying to make toast. You need your coffee and you need it fast. The answer is a coffee station. This is a special kitchen zone dedicated to java, where you’ll be able to access the coffeemaker, sink, mugs and accoutrements like cream and sugar without anyone else getting in your way. Take a look at these seven coffee station ideas from our past projects to see if they spark any ideas for your own kitchen.

cookbook shelves

1. A Coffee Station in the Beverage Zone

In this kitchen, the coffee station is part of a beverage zone. It’s right next to the fridge, handy for grabbing milk or cream. And it’s part of a bar complete with a beverage fridge. Melding coffee stations and adult beverage bars is a great move for those Sunday mornings when you want to make your coffee Irish!

coffee and breakfast station

2. Coffee in a Breakfast Station

In this sleek contemporary kitchen, the quick breakfast station is set up with the coffeemaker, toaster and microwave all located next to the fridge. Drawers below provide room for grounds, pods and sweeteners.  The upper cabinets are full of mugs and teacups. Note that this area is well out of the way of the range. And the bar sink in the island is out of the way of the main cooking area.

By the way, what’s your favorite local coffee? Our in-house foodie, Production Manager Eric Bain, turned us onto  Dancing Goats, and we’ve never been so caffeinated.

coffee station idea

3. A Sun-Filled Coffee Station

This coffee zone enjoys the light and views from windows on two sides. This placement helps get those circadian rhythms going, which helps the homeowners get ready to face the day. While some opt to hide the coffeemaker in an appliance garage or pantry, this beautiful espressomaker is a work of art that deserves prime countertop space.

See more of this beautiful kitchen

coffee station idea appliance garage

4. An Appliance Garage Coffee Station

If you are more of a Mr. Coffee/Keurig type, there’s no shame in that. But those small appliances may not be ones that you want to look at on your lovely uncluttered countertops all the time. The solution is a handy appliance garage. It’s a great spot to keep a grinder, grounds, sweeteners and filters. Also, we always recommend putting an electrical outlet in the back of an appliance garage. This will eliminate any cords stretching across the countertops.

coffee station idea appliance garage

Here’s that same appliance garage, all closed up and nice and neat.

coffee station appliance garage

5. A Corner Cabinet Coffee Station

This clever cabinet makes the most of a corner cabinet. There’s room for the coffeemaker in the bottom. And a Lazy Susan makes it easy to access all the supplies in the cabinet over it rather than having to dig around the back.

appliance garage

Here’s how the cabinet looks when closed.

coffee station idea appliance garage

6. A Coffee Station with a Pull-Out Shelf

Another option to consider for appliance garages is a sliding shelf. In this kitchen, we made the most of where the cabinet met the countertop by designating a coffee garage. But it was a potentially head-banging awkward spot. A sliding pull-out shelf took care of that issue.

 appliance garage

Here’s a look at the way this coffee station looks when closed.

coffee station idea in a pantry

7. A Coffee Station in the Pantry

For some, the pantry is the best spot for small appliances. Here we set up a countertop and outlets to make it easy to brew, toast and mix.

We hope you’ve enjoyed checking out these seven coffee station ideas! When you meet with us about your kitchen renovation, we’ll figure out all the ways you and your family like to function in the kitchen and plan the layout accordingly. If you’re planning a renovation, think about breakfast, lunch, dinner, cooking, prepping, serving guests and what’s currently not working for you. This will lead you to the best solutions when you’re working with your designer.

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