Kitchen Trends for 2023

With the new year come new plans for home renovations. And one of the most popular spots to begin is in the kitchen. Whether your kitchen needs a refresh, a refacing or a full down-to-the-studs renovation, here are 10 kitchen trends for 2023 to consider when making your plans.

Renovated kitchen with full island, gas stove, and white cabinets

1. White and Wood Mix

One of the strongest trends from 2022 that will continue into 2023 is a mix of white and wood. Whites and off-whites keep a kitchen looking bright and fresh, while wood mixes in warmth. You can opt to do all-white cabinets with wood accessories, like the vent hood seen here. You may decide to mix in the wood via an island base. Or you might opt for a mix of cabinetry. Our designers will help you find the right balance between white and wood that works for your taste and space.

Kitchenette with sink, wine storage, and cabinets

2. Home Bars

Home bars are no longer just handy for entertaining guests. They are great for morning coffee and tea, after working-from-home at-home happy hour and for popping a bottle of cab before dinner.

Home bars provide space for cooling and storing beverages, glassware, china, bar implements, garnishes, bar sinks and small appliances (think coffeemaker and toaster in the morning). They also provide counter space to play mixologist while staying out of the cook’s way. As home bars have become more elaborate, some of our clients are adding appliances including beverage fridges, icemakers and even an extra dishwasher.

3. Separate Prep Sinks

Much like a bar sink, a separate prep sink in the kitchen makes the layout much more versatile. 1) It can break you out of a strict work triangle layout, loosening it up for other options. 2) It gives your kids a place to wash their hands when you’re using the main sink. 3) It means more than one person can work in the kitchen together efficiently. For example, prepping and dishwashing can go on at the same time. Or during a party you can fill the prep sink with ice to serve ice-cold drinks.

Gray cabinets in newly remodeled kitchen

4. Tucked-Away Microwave Drawers

Once a little secret among kitchen designers, remodelers and architects, the microwave drawer is now a well-known kitchen appliance. These keep the microwave closer to a level where folks of all heights can reach it. And it keeps an appliance out of the view at eye level — let’s save those spots open for pretty backsplashes, artwork, floating shelves, windows and special vent hoods.

10 Kitchen Trends for 2023

5. Appliance Garages

If you want to keep your everyday utensils, ingredients and small appliances close but abhor countertop clutter, consider an appliance garage. This will also keep the outlets for the small appliances handy while out of view.

10 Kitchen Trends for 2023

6. Outlets with USB Ports

Let’s face it, no matter where we try to set up a designated charging spot, we often wind up charging devices in the kitchen. Incorporating electrical outlets as well as USB ports near seating areas makes it easy to charge while doing homework, looking up recipes or gabbing on the phone when our batteries get low.

10 Kitchen Trends for 2023

7. Custom Vent Hoods

Vent hoods have gone from a simple utilitarian element to a show-stopping kitchen feature. By choosing to customize the vent over your range, you can create a stunning focal point in the kitchen. Or if you want it more low-key, a custom vent can blend in seamlessly with the cabinetry. Think about special features you’d like, such as a metal or wood cover, or metal strap accents.

10 kitchen trends for 2023 pet food drawer

8. Incorporating Pet Needs

One of our favorite kitchen trends for 2023 is incorporating pet needs. Because who hasn’t stepped into a water bowl first thing in the morning? Whether its a tuck-away toekick drawer for bowls, or lidded bins on a pull-out cabinet for your pet’s food, we will help you take care of all your critters’ needs in the kitchen or mudroom.

10 kitchen trends for 2023 cookbook shelf

9. Cookbook Space

Yes, recipes are digitized and read on the iPad. But is there anything quite like opening up that classic copy of the Joy of Cooking that your Mom gave you when you moved into your first apartment, or thumbing through family recipes in your recipe holder? Homeowners want to keep these things close at bay in the kitchen. Whether behind closed doors or on display in open shelves, cookbooks belong in the kitchen.

10 kitchen trends for 2023 outdoor kitchen

10. Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens continue to expand and become more intricate. Once the spot for a grill and a counter, they can now take on extra gas burners, fridges, storage, trash pull-outs, wine coolers and drawers for to store your outdoor cooking tools. We expect the popularity of outdoor kitchens to continue to grow as a kitchen trend in 2023.

We hope our kitchen trends for 2023 predictions have inspired some ideas for your own kitchen renovation. If you are ready to refresh, reface or remodel your kitchen,  or complete any other renovation projects, please give us a call to schedule a free consultation.

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