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Vintage charm bathroom design with clawfoot tub and floral wallpaper

Bathroom With Vintage Charm

This classic traditional bathroom nods to the past but looks fantastic in the present. So we’ve dubbed it the bathroom with vintage charm. Of course, that name doesn’t do justice to the jaw-dropping beautiful botanical pattern that adorns the walls. But we only had so much space.

So what puts the charm in this bathroom with vintage charm? A mix of beautiful botanical wallpaper, a marble mosaic floor, elegant mirrors and a clawfoot tub are the culprits. The silhouettes of the faucets and tub filler, the furniture-like look of the vanity and spectacular light fixtures also contribute to this charm offensive!

We also added special details like framed wainscoting, a custom his-and-her vanity and a frameless glass shower enclosure. Join us as we show off a closer look at this enviable bathroom with vintage charm.

The View

Oh the view from the adjacent primary bedroom really makes you want to cross the threshold and spend quality time in this bathroom. Thinking about the view into the bathroom from a bedroom is important. The floral wallpaper, special pendant lights and exquisite mirrors surely entice.

Small details matter too. For example, the pocket door between this bedroom and bathroom has a special brass pull. We also played off the millwork in the rest of the house when designing the bathroom’s millwork for consistency.

The Bathroom With Vintage Botanical Charm

The Bathroom With Vintage Charm: The Moment

This is our favorite moment in the bathroom. The wallpaper makes the space feel like a fresh garden, complemented by white finishes. These include the elegant marble on the countertop. The vanity has its charms — note the special edges of the countertop and details like the crystal knobs. And the feet on the vanity make it feel like a bespoke piece of furniture.

Bathroom With Vintage Charm: Floor

Another favorite feature is the marble mosaic floor. These tiles have a small picket shape. This size of tile is good for functionality. There’s plenty of grout that keeps the floor from being too slippery.

The Bathroom With Vintage Charm

The Bathroom With Vintage Charm: Freestanding Bathtub

The clawfoot tub will really take these homeowners away, Calgon style, to the Victorian era. The shape is sculptural and the placement under the window is just right.

Our clients, who worked with our in-house interior design team headed by Molly Trost, chose a faucet with a handheld wand. We highly recommend this. In addition to reaching hard-to-reach places when washing yourself, it helps reach them when cleaning a bathtub.

Sweet curtains provide privacy while filtering the natural light. Note how the windows fit the vintage theme as well. They work well with the wainscoting.

The Bathroom With Vintage Charm

The Bathroom With Vintage Charm: Shower

In the shower, we used subway tile in keeping with the vintage theme. A more modern element is the clear glass enclosure. This makes the room feel light, airy and larger than its actual size.


Our clients wanted to incorporate a shower bench in the design. This flip-down model is convenient because when it’s not in use, it doesn’t take up space in the shower.

The Bathroom With Vintage Charm

Polished nickel finishes continue on the shower fixtures. Also worth noting in here is the framed area on this wall. This kept the subway pattern from looking basic and monotonous. Instead, it makes it elegant.

We continued the same marble picket tile on the shower floor. Again, the small size of these tiles allowed for good grip. This is especially important in a shower.


Vintage charm bathroom design with floral wallpaper, white vanity, and gold accents

The Bathroom With Vintage Charm: The End!

We hope you’ve enjoyed taking a little tour of this bathroom with vintage charm. If you’re ready to remodel your own bathroom, or any other space in your home, please give us a call to schedule a free consultation.

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