A Blue Cottage Bathroom

At around 62 square feet, this blue cottage hall bathroom is a size many of our clients can relate to. Over time, the finishes had become dated and the room was dark. Architect Cynthia Karegeannes worked on the layout and architectural details, while our in-house design team helped the homeowners chose finishes that lent a cottage-modern transitional mix. This is what the bathroom looked like before:

blue cottage bath before

A Transitional Style Mix

We made the bathroom cheerful and charming with blue paint, cottage style, and custom details like wainscoting and a wood mirror frame painted white. Contemporary light fixtures and faucets, quartz countertops and streamlined style add more modern touches. This combination of cottage and modern resulted in a welcoming and relaxing design. Check out more details of this blue cottage bathroom and see if it inspires any ideas for your home.

a blue cottage bathroom

This is a bathroom setup many of us have or have lived with in the past. It’s a simple hall bathroom with enough room for a double vanity, a tub-shower combo, a small linen closet and of course, the loo. Our clients liked the look of cabinets that were Shaker-style with a little bit of an edge. The thickness of the framing details, the hardware and the streamlined countertop edge give this classic look an update.

a blue cottage bathroom

Making the Space Feel Larger

The large mirror makes the room feel larger with its reflection and the way it bounces the light around. The classic wainscoting adds a traditional touch.

cottage bathroom with custom double vanity

The feet on the vanity show off more of the beautiful floor tile. This is a great trick for making a small space feel more open and airy.

blue patterned bathroom floor tileA Bold Floor Tile Choice

The star of the room is the bold blue and white pattern on the floor tile. This tile inspired the wall color. Anchoring a smaller bathroom like this in a pattern is a great way to jumpstart your design scheme.

custom bathroom mirror frame

Quartz countertops add another more modern element to the transitional mix. Quartz has the look of natural stone but is man-made. This means that it is not porous and therefore more durable and easier to clean than natural stone. This makes quartz a great choice for a kids’ bathroom — it can stand up to water spots and wear and tear.

blue cottage bathroom with tub-shower

The Tub-Shower

Subway tile adds a classic element that can lend a transitional look. Keeping things simple and white on the tub surround also helped the room feel larger. The white color reflects the light.

Tip: It’s  important to think about the size of your shower niche. Look at your largest bottles, and how many things you’ll want to keep handy. We’ll  help you find the appropriate niche size.

bathroom plan

Here is a plan of the space as it was built. We were so pleased to present our clients with a cheerful and bright  bathroom update.

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