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5 Favorite Bedroom Features

As we get ready to cozy up for the rest of fall and into winter, it’s always nice to feather our nests. And one of the most important spots is in the bedroom. Whether you are redoing your house or just want to change things up, take a look at our 5 favorite bedroom features for inspiration.

recently renovated primary bedroom suite 5 Favorite Bedroom Features

Favorite Bedroom Feature #1: A Cozy Seating Area

When you wake up in the morning, it’s wonderful to have a comfy spot to sit and wake up. Perhaps you have a coffee or tea station nearby and you can grab a cup. Or you like to read the news somewhere away from the early morning chaos. Maybe you just want a spot to pull on your shoes.

Bedroom seating areas are also lovely to have at night. They are great for catching up with your partner, having a nightcap or reading a good book before getting into bed. Some of us also love a spot to layout our clothes and other important items for the next morning.

However you want to use your bedroom seating area, make it comfy. Overstuffed chairs or a loveseat, a place to prop up your feet and a soft rug are musts. Place good reading light nearby. And add a few throw pillows for good measure.

lovely bedroom w seating 5 Favorite Bedroom Features

Favorite Bedroom Feature #2: Long Drapes

Long drapes are such a wonderful way to add pattern and color from floor to ceiling.

We especially love this favorite bedroom feature in the winter. Drapes can help insulate against the cold on a super chilly night! We can also add blackout fabric to the back for those who like to sleep in late.

Design tip: Hang drapes up close to the ceiling. This will draw the eye up, making your room feel taller and your windows feel bigger.

5 Favorite Bedroom Features

Bedroom feature #3: Patio, Deck or Balcony Access

It’s so nice to be able to walk straight from your bedroom outdoors. If you have the luxury of a first-floor primary suite, it’s easy to let pets out or just go check on the weather for the day. If you’re upstairs, a terrace or balcony is a lovely addition to a bedroom suite.

If you are the type to want a coffee or tea before you even leave your room, let us know during the design phase. We can set up a coffee bar/tea station within the suite. That way you can go straight from bed to a chaise outside with your morning beverage.

5 favorite bedroom features cathedral ceiling vaulted ceiling with beams

Bedroom Feature #4: Vaulted Ceiling With Beams

Vaulted ceilings with beams are most appreciated in the bedroom. That’s because you’re lying on your back, looking straight up at it! The soaring cathedral ceiling in this bedroom gives the space a light and airy feel. The wood beams bring in a warm rustic touch that adds scale and texture.

A vaulted ceiling also works well with a ceiling fan. You’ll have all the comfort of the cooling breeze with the fan placed way above eye level.

Favorite Bedroom Feature #5: Great Reading Lamps or Lights

It’s important to get your bedroom lighting just right. A pretty reading lamp on a nightstand or wall-mounted reading sconces are a great addition. Even if you’re a Kindle reader, they are good for giving your room a cozy glow at night and for helping you get those circadian rhythms working in your favor in the morning!

We’ll chat with you about your reading habits and lighting preferences during the design phase. This will help you get your bedroom lighting just right!

And In Addition To Our 5 Favorite Bedroom Features, a Bonus!

Waking up and falling asleep to fresh flowers is a wonderful feeling. Even if it’s just one bloom in a small vase, treat yourself!

We hope checking out our 5 favorite bedroom features has inspired your own bedroom room renovation, redecoration or refresh. If you need professional help with designing and building, please give us a call for a free consultation, or click on the link below to inquire online.

Our interior design team will work with you to find your personal style and apply it to your own home. Then the renovation team will make those visions come to life.

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