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10 Top Kitchen Features

Kitchens are constantly becoming more customized to make life easier. Better, more convenient storage, specialty faucets, coffee stations, pot fillers and more mark our latest kitchen renovations. Read on to learn about 10 top kitchen features you may not have even realized you needed.

10 top kitchen features

1. Utensil Inserts

In choosing our 10 top kitchen features we were looking for convenience! Searching for the spatula or a spoon during important cooking moments can really throw off your rhythm. A utensil pull-out cabinet can be installed right next to the range, keeping every tool right where you need it.

10 top kitchen features

2. Herb and Oil Pull-Outs

Speaking of convenience next to the range, it’s nice to have the ingredients you need close by without having to clutter up your countertops. These handy cabinets keep them within reach and easy to grab while cooking. That’s why they are part of our top 10 kitchen features.

Kitchen dining room with booth style dining table

3. A Cozy Eating Nook

Eating in the kitchen is such a nice family tradition. And while island seating is great, a table to gather around is another wonderful option. If you fear your kitchen isn’t big enough, built-in banquettes like you see here save space and can allow you to eke in a cozy and inviting eating spot.

These spots are also great for working from home with your laptop, reading, or homework. And you know at parties everyone winds up hanging out in the kitchen. So give your guests a nice spot to sit!

10 top kitchen features display a white cabinet with glass doors and shelves

4. Display Space

We also aim to bring great beauty and personalization to all of our renovations, so one of our 10 top kitchen features is all about display! It’s wonderful to be able to enjoy those family heirlooms, collections and items you’ve gathered on favorite trips every day. Glass cabinetry, open shelves or picture rails are all great options.

The glass cabinetry you see here are an excellent choice for display. They keep the dust off our clients’ favorite china. They also provide a clear view of cookbooks.

5. Art Lighting

We love to layer light in a kitchen. And you should treat your favorite items like you would works of art. In this kitchen, an art light illuminates the beautiful plates. The fixture adds some brass up high and another layer of light. It’s also nice to have a smaller light to flick on at night.

Other lighting to consider are recessed lights, undercabinet lights, pendant lights, ceiling lights and chandeliers.

A stove and a small sink on a center island in a kitchen 10 top kitchen features bar sink

6. A Second Sink

A second sink is fabulous for both extra prep space and setting up a wet bar. One person can be chopping while the other one works at the stove or works at the main sink. As seen here, we recommend getting a disposal installed at these sinks for convenience.

Set up as a wet bar sink, you can fill sink number two with ice to keep beer bottles ice cold. You may also want to think about installing a hot water faucet at your second sink as well.

Finally, a second sink is great for kids to come in and wash their hands if the other sink is occupied. Then they won’t be getting soap all over the fruit you’re rinsing or the steaks you’re defrosting in there.

open doors to a large kitchen pantry

7. A Hidden Walk-In Pantry

This is a chance to have some fun in the kitchen. This walk-in pantry is completely concealed by cabinet doors. While out clients are so neat and organized, it kept the focus on the things they want to look at in the room.

Kitchen pantry redesign with glass paned doors.

When these doors are closed, they conceal the fact there’s a walk-in pantry behind them. These custom doors match the cabinetry for a seamless and pleasing look.

We also love the surrounding cabinets — like 10 Top Kitchen Feature number 4, they offer display space. Note the way we lit the cabinets inside to illuminate our clients’ favorite things.

8. A Coffee and Tea Station

Look, many of us are bleary-eyed in the morning and all we need is some caffeine before we do anything else. It’s so nice to have all the coffee or tea accoutrements in one easy spot. Grabbing a mug, the grounds, the filters and the sugar all from one spot gets things brewing as easily as possible.

In this Virginia-Highland kitchen, we added an appliance garage to conceal the small appliances. This gives the room a clutter-free look. This is another one of our 10 top kitchen features so we’ll sneak it in here. They can include a pull-out shelf, and of course, outlets for plugging in the appliances.

9. A Workstation Sink

When space is tight in the kitchen, we like to give our clients as much prep space as possible. Enter the workstation sink. These customizable sinks come with inserts for prepping, chopping, collecting, straining and more.

10. And the Last, But Not Least of Our 10 Top Kitchen Features Is … A Pot Filler!

Oh a pot filler is the best little faucet you never knew you needed! It makes it so easy to fill up a teapot or that giant pot for pasta. You don’t have to get the bottom of the pot wet in the sink. And you don’t have to lug it over to the range, spilling water on the floor or yourself.

Pot fillers are also offer a chance to add a metal finish to the range wall. Additionally, they are a great way to bring style to the range wall. They come in a range of beautiful silhouettes.


We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about 10 top kitchen features that our clients love. And we hope that they have sparked ideas for you own kitchen! . Whether your tastes lean traditional, transitional, midcentury modern, Craftsman, contemporary or eclectic, we’ll find the right design to suit your style and home.

If you are ready to refresh, reface or remodel your kitchen, or complete any other renovation projects, please give us a call to schedule a free consultation.

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