modern kitchen remodel with dark cabinets and a large island

Modern & Contemporary

Are you preparing to give your kitchen a much-needed face-lift? If you like the sleek, stylish look of clean lines, glossy surfaces, and simple designs, odds are you’ll love having a modern kitchen. This is one of the design styles Innovative Construction specializes in, making us well-suited to bring your vision to life. Team up with our in-house designers for your kitchen remodeling project, and soon you’ll have the beautiful, functional kitchen you’ve always craved!

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Elements of a Modern Kitchen

While traditional kitchens focus on ornamental details, modern designs favor simplicity and minimalism. Keep in mind that “modern” and “contemporary” are two distinct design styles, even though they share many of the same concepts. Modernism harkens back to the design movement spanning the 1930s, ’40s, and ’50s, while contemporary design celebrates whatever’s up and coming. Today’s contemporary look overlaps modern design, but this might not be true 50 years from now.

Having said that, here are some of the features commonly found in today’s modern and contemporary kitchens.

Little to No Ornamentation

You’ll be hard-pressed to find wainscoting, corbels, and other “unnecessary” adornments in a truly modern kitchen. The cabinets often feature flush doors and flat surfaces with minimal, angular hardware or no hardware at all. Straight lines, sharp corners, and stark geometric shapes are the norm.

Bold or Contrasting Color Palette

You can find all-white or neutral-colored modern kitchens, but bold colors also suit this design style. Teal countertop appliances, canary yellow cabinet doors, and bright red appliance knobs really lend a science-fiction appearance to the room. Another common technique is to use a high-contrast color scheme. For instance, black countertops are often paired with white cabinets.

Emphasis on Synthetic Materials

Modern kitchens often detour away from natural elements. Laminate, ceramic, glass, and molded plastic may take the place of wood and stone. But that’s not to say modern kitchens can’t have natural aspects — when they do, these elements simply feature the angles and lines characteristic of modern design.

Statement Backsplashes

A countertop-to-ceiling backsplash offers a clean, luxurious appearance. For instance, a primarily white kitchen might have a glossy gray or black tile backsplash to create a statement. Making the entire wall a sleek surface is characteristic of this design style.

Scandinavian inspired kitchen with white counters in Chamblee

Sleek Appliances

You’ll find the latest and greatest appliances in modern kitchens. They are often stainless steel and energy-efficient, with smart features that make them as convenient as they are beautiful. One common modern appliance is a convection wall oven that doubles as a microwave.

Wood or Tile Floor

Flooring in a contemporary kitchen can take many forms. Light birch or maple is a popular choice, as are porcelain tiles or vinyl planks that mimic the look of wood without the maintenance. The material and color are often chosen to contrast the cabinets, which helps create a desirable aesthetic. However, small modern kitchens may benefit from floors that nearly match the cabinets, a technique that makes the space appear larger.

Furniture Choices

The tables, stools, benches, and chairs you include in your contemporary eat-in kitchen should have clean lines and simple shapes to match the rest of the room. The most common material choices include metal, wood veneer, and molded plastic.

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