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Enjoy Classic Style
With a Traditional Kitchen Design

Do you gravitate toward traditional kitchen designs? You have good taste. After all, traditional kitchens are intended to add timeless appeal to any home. They take design inspiration from such influential sources as Mediterranean, old-world European, and French country designs.

You don’t need to be a design expert to know you could benefit from remodeling your kitchen. With Innovative Construction by your side, you’ll work with an in-house design team eager to help you re-imagine your kitchen to suit your style.

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a large kitchen with a wood and marble center island in the middle

Elements of a Traditional Kitchen

Traditional kitchens are warm and welcoming. They focus on function while leaving space for ornamentation and personal flare. Here’s a look at the features commonly found in traditional kitchens.

Natural Materials

Stained or painted wood cabinets are a must in traditional kitchens. To extend the natural look, many traditional kitchens feature faux cabinet doors to cover appliances and hide them from view. Stone countertops are also a common sight in kitchens with a classical design. Granite, quartz, and marble are popular choices, especially when the slabs have prominent speckling or veining.

Decorative Details

Traditional kitchens don’t shy away from decoration. In fact, detailed embellishments reminiscent of the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries are a mainstay of traditional design. It’s common for islands to have wainscoting, corbels, or furniture-like adornments. Countertops may feature decorative bevel, ogee, or bullnose edges. You’ll also see arched doorways, beamed ceilings, and ornate crown molding on upper cabinets.

Traditional Cabinet Features

In addition to being made of natural wood, classical kitchen cabinets typically have raised or recessed panels with more elaborate profiles than those found in modern kitchens. The panels may also be distressed to add a relaxed or weathered appearance. The cabinet hardware, which should match the plumbing fixtures in the room, is often ornate with a silver, gold, or brass finish.

Neutral Color Scheme

It’s common for traditional kitchens to comprise muted colors, including white, gray, tan, and cream. Then, brightly colored accents can be introduced through accessories and artwork if desired. Old-world-inspired kitchens may have more terracotta, orange, and ochre infused into the design. White-on-white is another way to add a crisp look to a traditional kitchen.

Decorative Light Fixtures

The lighting in a traditional kitchen is usually formal and emphasizes both functionality and decoration. It serves as a focal point, with a style and placement that pulls the whole kitchen together. Chandeliers, lantern-style lights, polished chrome pendants, and recessed lighting are all popular options.

Custom Range Hoods

Another prominent focal point in many traditional kitchens is the range hood. This can be made of hammered metal, ornate stone, or carved wood intended to blend in with the kitchen cabinets. Custom range hoods may even have their own moldings and corbels.

Wood or Tile Floor

The flooring ties everything together. In a large traditional kitchen, it’s often desirable to create contrast between the floors and the cabinets. In smaller kitchens, nearly matching floors and cabinets help make the room look larger. The most common materials used for traditional kitchen floors include natural hardwood, low-maintenance laminate planks, and porcelain or ceramic tiles.

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