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Solarium and Landscape Renovation

These Ansley Park clients were looking to enjoy the natural beauty of their surroundings. We completed a solarium addition as well as a landscape renovation. The  solarium that includes a large stone fireplace, lounging space, a dining area and an outdoor kitchen.

The landscape around the house and solarium is a series of rooms. These include a fire pit area, other seating areas and an imported European fountain that serves as a grand focal point. The wooded site has winding paths and diverse plantings that provide a beautiful complement to the home.

sunroom with fireplace and sitting area solarium addition atlanta renovation

Solarium Addition

The solarium addition provides a place where our clients can enjoy feeling protected by the walls and roof but feel like they are surrounded by nature. Expansive windows and a glass ceiling let in the light and views.

Of course, while natural light is fantastic, sometimes it can be too much! While the glass roof maximizes natural light, it also has a motorized awning to provide shade. This is very handy on days that are too hot and sunny. The windows also have motorized shades.

Enchanting Inman Park Sunroom Addition 15 solarium addition atlanta renovation

The new chimney is stone that’s rugged enough to fit into the landscape, yet refined enough to go with the elegant Italianate house. The slate floor also rides that line between rugged indoor and sophisticated outdoor character.

A rug and overstuffed furniture bring comfort to the space. The metal frames of the chairs and sofa nod to garden furniture style. Meanwhile, the soft cushions and pretty throw pillows add living room style.

The oversized lantern also lends a landscape lighting feel. The stone coffee table top balances in a more rustic element and plays off the hearth.

solarium addition atlanta renovation

Indoor-Outdoor Kitchen and Dining

Across the solarium addition is a large dining table and outdoor-style kitchen. This photo also shows the addition’s stone half walls. Paired with the expansive glazing on from the windows and ceilings, this lent a greenhouse-like look.

new sunroom kitchen solarium addition atlanta renovation

We’ve dubbed this the indoor-outdoor kitchen because it has an outdoor look but is technically indoors! The kitchen includes a vented grill, sink, dishwasher and storage.

The same stone with beautiful gray-blue veining appears on the countertop, backsplash and dining table for a cohesive look. Mixing in too many different finishes would have distracted from the surroundings. Instead, this palette complements them.

Enchanting Inman Park Sunroom Addition 16 solarium addition atlanta renovation

The silhouette of the backsplash  brings in an elegant traditional touch. So do the metal vent hood’s graceful curves.

Enchanting Inman Park Sunroom Addition 6

This photo  shows the back of the solarium addition’s  chimney. The stone on it and the solarium’s half-walls fit right in with other stone elements within the magical yard.

Enchanting Inman Park Sunroom Addition 8

Step outside, and it’s almost as if the solarium’s floor has broken up into a charming stepping stone path that leads you to a series of outdoor rooms.

In the landscape, the project included installing new stone pathways that led to the solarium addition and fire pit area, paving the driveway, installing a European fountain and building out the area around it. We also  had over 1,000 bulbs planted throughout the yard.

Enchanting Inman Park Sunroom Addition 4

This photo shows the roundabout way to get from the solarium addition to the fire pit lounge. This allows for different ways to experience this magical landscape.

Enchanting Inman Park Sunroom Addition 11

Here’s an overhead view of how these different areas connect to one another. Among the plantings, the yard is organized by graceful curves and natural stones.

We’ll explore the rest of the yard to give a sense of the solarium’s botanical gardens-like surroundings. A play on a spiral forms the elevated fire pit lounge and raised circular garden bed.

Enchanting Inman Park Sunroom Addition 10

The fire pit also blends in with its surroundings, including the bluestone patio and garden walls. Our clients opted for extra-comfy curved outdoor chairs. Their silhouettes lean a bit moderne while the woven material nods to tradition.

Enchanting Inman Park Sunroom Addition 11

Located down from the fire pit, two traditional wicker chairs form a private conversation area. People can enjoy the relaxing splashing from a fountain in this spot.

Enchanting Inman Park Sunroom Addition 2

The new fountain is stone and was imported from Europe. It’s the ultimate focal point in the front of the house. A raised round patio follows the curves of the fountain. Here, the patio surface is a more traditional brick, laid out in a herringbone pattern.

Enchanting Inman Park Sunroom Addition 5

We also love the magic of this yard at night. Low landscape lighting lights the way along the rugged pathways.

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We hope this solarium addition feature helped you think about how to plan your own addition, outdoor kitchen, sun porch, solarium addition, fire pit area and landscape projects!

But if you’re stumped, don’t fret. Our team will ask all the right questions to make sure we design outdoor elements and experiences  that are perfect for you. If you’re ready to start the process, contact us for a consultation.

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