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Midcentury Modern Renovations

Choosing midcentury modern style for your renovation doesn’t mean your house look like it’s been sealed up like a time capsule since 1962. Though if that’s what you want, we can certainly do that!

You can nod to the style through architectural details, light fixtures, furniture, tiles and materials. And timeless mid-century modern style had a playful spirit to it — we can always help you capture that!

Here are some examples to show how you can infuse the midcentury modern spirit into your renovation.

A mid-century modern home dining room redesign with exposed beams and wood flooring.

There are plenty of ways to work nods to midcentury modern style into your renovation. Furniture and accessories are great for this. And perhaps there’s no better midcentury light fixture than an iconic Sputnik chandelier, like the one seen here.

The gravity-defying legs of the buffet table on the right also nod to the Space Age.

Exposed architectural elements are also a midcentury modern feature. The style created a simpler approach to architecture that exposed how everything came together. While these beams have a more traditional look than typical midcentury beams, they capture the spirit of the era.

 Midcentury Modern Renovations

Midcentury Modern Renovations: Bathrooms

We also love this style because the beautiful simplicity makes life simpler. It’s easier to find things, organize things, keep things clutter-free with midcentury style.

Keeping the geometry simple — rectangles, squares, circles, hexagons — is a great way to nod to the era. It’s playful and clean-lined. The circular mirrors and X-shaped faucets seen here nod to the era.

In fact, this bathroom remodel incorporates many midcentury modern elements. These include the playful geometry of the hexagonal floor tiles, the globe light fixtures, the brass finishes and the hardware-free cabinetry.

Spacious bathroom suite with white tile, wood cabinets, large mirror, and comfortable ambiance.

In this transitional bath, the hexagonal tile on the floors is rooted in midcentury modern design. As is the use of rich wood on the custom vanity, along with its chevron lines.

The warm brass finishes on the faucets and light fixtures are also a midcentury modern staple. This bathroom honors the era in a fresh and updated way.

Scandinavian Midcentury Modern Renovations

Midcentury Modern Renovations: Kitchen

Scandinavian Modern Style

The thing about midcentury modern style is that there isn’t just one — there are many styles that were born during the era that carry on its spirit. For example Scandinavian modern.

Scandinavian modern style is usually marked by a copious use of white, warmed by organic materials like wood and other neutral tones. The style is also known for its simplicity and minimalism.

In this kitchen renovation, our clients were drawn to Scandinavian modern style. Elements that nod to the style include

  • The use of white
  • The square tiles composed in a gridded pattern
  • A custom wood vent hood
  • Bell-shaped concrete pendant lights
  • Webbed leather andwood and leather counter stool
  • Simple polished chrome hardware inspired by the era

Overall, the room has a light and airy feel. And there are well-edited organic materials that feel good to touch and add just the right amount of contrast.

Scandinavian Midcentury Modern Renovations

In the adjacent dining area, shell chairs and Scandinavian high chairs also lend the look.

modern kitchen remodel with dark cabinets and a large island Midcentury Modern Renovations

Japandi Style

This kitchen has “Japandi” style, which is where Scandinavian modern meets Japanese minimalism.

The palette of black, white, wood and marble-like veining mixed stark contrast with organic elements. And the light fixtures, one globe, the others black concentric half-circles, are firmly rooted in midcentury modern design.

Midcentury Modern Renovations

The simplicity of the architecture also nods to the era. Large unadorned windows and doors, a lack of moldings at the ceiling and clean lines are all elements of the era.

The focus on wood grain and the flat facing of the cabinets are also midcentury modern elements. And the bar stools and lighting have strong midcentury modern style.

Midcentury Modern Renovations: Living Rooms

This home is a mix of styles — contemporary, transitional and midcenutyr modern. The midcentury era provided the bones of the room — the large simple windows, the monolithic blocky fireplace, the chandelier,  the walnut look to the hardwood floors.

Midcentury Modern Renovations

Midcentury Modern Renovations: Basements

Because basements are often a place to let loose and have fun, they are just right for some midcentury modern-inspired style. Playful primary colors were part of the midcentury fun!

Here the graphic, colorful artwork and bold colored chairs harken back to the 1950s and ’60s. By the way, these chairs fold out to become single beds for sleepovers!

The same basement contains this guest bedroom. A rich walnut finish on the headboard and the use of ethnic textiles were also markers of the era. While this doesn’t go overboard in terms of the style, it would lend consistency within a midcentury modern home.

Keeping hardware streamlined and simple is another marker of the style. These drawer pulls are not only well-scaled, but also fit the simplicity of the era.

So, to review, midcentury modern renovations means incorporating elements such as:

  • Rectilinear streamlined lines
  • Exposed architectural elements
  • Installing large uninterrupted windows and corner windows
  • Using finishes like warm metals and polished chrome
  • Installing unadorned cabinetry, slab-front cabinetry, cabinets with finger pulls
  • Using ethnic weavings and other textiles
  • Playing with simple geometries such as hexagons, circles, squares and rectangles
  • Staining with deep rich colors to emulate woods such as walnut
  • Choosing midcentury modern classics such as iconic Eames chairs and Sputnik chandeliers
  • Employing color palettes that focus on neutrals or primary colors

We hope this article helped you get some ideas for the wide range choices you can make for midcentury modern renovations. Our design team is happy to help you figure out the right approach for your own midcentury modern renovation.

We will help explain the design and build process further when you give us a call for a free consultation. Be sure to check our our reviews on Google and Houzz to learn about how we’ve helped our clients make their houses feel like home.

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