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How To Add Your Personal Style at Home

When starting a renovation project, it can be difficult to figure out how to add your personal style at home. When you work with us, the design process will begin with our in-house interior design team. This process is fun and tailored to our personal tastes.

They will get a great idea of your tastes, preferences and needs for your lifestyle at home. The team will help your home feel uniquely personal. And they will help you make it feel like home.

a bathroom with a tub, shower curtain and window how to add your personal style at home

Find the Right Interior Design Team — they will show you how to add your personal style at home

To figure out the right design pro team for you and your style, do your research. While getting recommendations and checking reviews is very important, you also need to check out the visuals! Look at their profiles on sites like Instagram and Houzz. Think about:

  • Does it look like they have one signature style or are they versatile?
  • If they do seem to have a signature style, does it resonate with you or are you drawn to something else?
  • Think about being in some of those rooms. What moods do they evoke?
  • Can you see yourself, your friends and/or your family inhabiting these spaces?


how to add your personal style at home

How Innovative Design Build Helps Your Find Your Personal Style at Home

After sussing up your style, the design team gets to work, putting together different options for your room. When you visit our showroom, they’ll be laid out for you. You can make selections for colors, wallpapers, fabrics, furniture, faucets, tile, flooring, wall treatments, light fixtures and more.

Innovative Design Build's office space for consultations

In addition, we have set up our showroom (seen here) so that you can check out different options up close and personal. There is a variety of paneling, millwork, countertops, flooring options, faucets, lighting, cabinetry and more installed so that you can get a feel for how it looks in real life.

how to add your personal style at home

Examples of Personal Style

Here our clients wanted a relaxing bedroom and bathroom makeover in their primary suite. We worked with them to make sure their personal style would shine through. Some of the ways to do this are:

  • Monogrammed linens, if that’s your style
  • Personal photographs from meaningful life moments
  • Artwork that shows things you love, that you’ve picked up on a special trip, or is in your favorite colors
  • Fabrics that include your favorite colors and types of patterns
  • Details like curtain or upholstery trim that add your personal flair
  • Working in heirloom pieces you already own that have special meaning to you

Complete look of finished milton enchanting english pub basement remodel to the right

Personal Pastimes Can Lend Personal Style at Home

Think about what you enjoy at home. Is it gathering Falcons fan friends on Sundays? Cocktails on the porch? Pool parties? Pub night? Your home can be tailored to the ways you like to spend time and entertain.

We finished this basement for an English client who wanted to bring some of the U.K. to Georgia. An ornate carved bar from Europe, a pressed tin tile ceiling, equestrian accessories and Union Jack pillows transformed it into a cozy British pub.

Make Room for Personal Display Space

One of the best ways to work your personal style into a space is to have ample display space. Speak with your designers about what you’d like to display.

Also, think about where you’d like to display certain things. Perhaps it’s books and personal photos, objects collected while traveling, or an art collection.

A kitchen is always an often overlooked spot to fit in some display space. Favorite glassware, special bowls, cookbooks and heirloom china are just a few of the things our clients enjoy displaying in their kitchens.

Curran living

In this home, our design team flanked the fireplace with storage and display space. The designers will help you figure out the best ways to display your favorite things. In addition, they’ll help you choose color palettes that work with them and lighting that will highlight them.

a loft playroom with a vibrant rug, bookshelf and other furniture

Make Space for Activities You and Your Family Enjoy (and For Storage)

Storage is also an important part of personalizing your home. The kinds of things you enjoy — board games, playing cards, video games, photo albums, toys for the kids — need proper storage space in the rooms where they’ll be used.

Spot for activities will also be part of the personalization plan. Whether it’s a game table, a reading nook with good lighting or a favorite napping spot, we’ll help you space plan and outfit it with the right furnishings.

Personalize for Kids

Of course, kid-friendliness may be a part of your lifestyle. We will also help you outfit spaces for all the things you love to do with your kids, and the things they love to do with their friends.

how to add your personal style at home

Personalize for Pets

Of course the four-legged members of your family can be a big part of your style at home! Items like bowl fillers, feeding stations, food and toy storage, beds, hidden litter boxes and  built-in crates can be added with your own personal style at the forefront.

Finally, Don’t Be Afraid To Sparkle!

We mean that figuratively and literally!When thinking about how to add your personal style at home, don’t be afraid to be yourself.

For example, in this classic bungalow’s traditional dining room, we collaborated with our clients to stay true to their home’s architectural bones. But we also worked their personal style into the design. This included:

  • Using furniture that they loved
  • Choosing a wallpaper that was traditional because it was botanical, but updated because it was large-scale
  • Installing a moody and glam beveled glass chandelier that nods to Art Deco style
  • Playing off the fireplace’s traditional tile — it’s in the same scale as the original Craftsman tile would have been, but it provides an unexpected sparkly moment
  • Crafting traditional millwork that stayed true to the home’s architectural bones, but using black paint that suits their personal style

We hope this article helped you get some ideas for how to add your personal style at home. We also hope it helped explained out much interior designers can help you figure out how to add your personal style at home!

We will help explain the process further when you give us a call for a free consultation. Be sure to check our our reviews on Google and Houzz to learn about how we’ve helped our clients make their houses feel like home.