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5 Wine Storage Solutions

Many homeowners are looking for good wine storage solutions. Whether you simply like to keep a few extra bottles on hand  or you’re a connoisseur with a major collection, we’ll help you find the best way to store, maintain and display your wine. Here are five different wine storage ideas we’ve installed for our clients.

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1. Add a Slim Row of Wine Cubbies

If you’re the type who doesn’t keep a lot of wine in the house at once, or if you want a spot in the kitchen to store several bottles, consider a row of wine cubbies. Conveniently located in a hardworking kitchen bar, these cubbies have cabinets for wine glasses around them.

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You can also fit wine cubbies into a lower cabinetry composition. These homeowners decided two vertical rows of cubbies would be just the right amount of storage for their needs in their kitchen’s home bar area.

wine storage solution wine cooler

2. Invest In a Wine Cooler

Recently, we’ve found more our clients are requesting wine coolers at home. And because of this demand, there are a lot of great options to choose from.  This wine cooler lives in a very pretty butler’s pantry we completed a few years ago. Other great spots for wine coolers include kitchen islands and home bars.

wine bar wine storage wine cooler

This efficient home bar includes a wine cooler as well as overhead racks for wine bottles that can be kept at room temperature. Other details worth noting are the mirrored backsplash and countertop cabinets with glass doors. Remember that the glassware that goes with your wine is beautifully display-worthy, so glass doors will work well with a home bar.

wine bar from closet

3. Sacrifice a Closet to the Wine Gods

We can magically transform a small coat or pantry closet into a beautiful wine bar. In this project, warm wood built-ins with a stone countertop completely changed the look and function of a closet space. Drawers provide space for bar tools and linens, open shelves are a great spot for glassware and wine racks provide plenty of space for a nice-sized collection. The graining pattern in the wood and sleek hardware give this bar an updated midcentury modern-inspired sensibility.

wine storage solutions wine closet

4. Take Advantage of the Space Underneath the Stairs

The space underneath a staircase is often wasted. But this lower level wine closet became a practical storage area as well as a beautiful design feature for our clients. By cutting a large opening and installing glass, we gave our clients a way to enjoy the view of their collection. And the lighted space glows at night.

wine storage solutions wine racks

We used a mix of rack options on this custom wood piece. The slanted shelves give our clients a chance to feature some of their favorite vintages and organize selections for special occasions. We also worked in some room for stashing wine glasses, so that eager oenophiles can have a tasting right here in the wine room.

wine cellar with wood wine racks tasting room

5. Invest in a Special Tasting Room

Speaking of wine tastings, we love the old-world vibe these homeowners had us create for their wine tasting room. The focal point in the space is custom cabinetry with wine glass racks overhead. They can pull their selections from the racks and present them right there.

Another important feature to think about in a space like this is lighting. Consider decorative features such as the iron chandelier here or sconces, as well as task lighting like uplights and downlights. And allow us to install dimmers, so that you can switch up the mood. You may need brighter light to read the labels, but no one wants to taste wine in a brightly lit room. Dimmers and a variety of types of lights will help you get the ambience just right.

We hope this post helped inspire wine storage solutions for your home. If you’d like our help,  schedule a free consultation to let us know more about your project.

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