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8 Basement Renovation Ideas

Approaching a basement remodel can be overwhelming. The way to begin is with a wish list for everything you’d have in your dream basement space. In case you’re drawing a blank, here are some fantastic basement renovation ideas. Whether a home sauna or a sliding barn door is your must-have, we’re ready to help you refine all of your basement renovation ideas and bring your dream basement to life. Here are a few of the fantastic features that are currently popular with clients of Innovative Design + Build.

Basement renovation wine cellar under stairs

1. Basement Renovation Idea: A Wine Cellar

There’s no better place than the basement to store your wine collection. In addition to racks, our oenophile clients like to include chillers and tasting tables into their wine rooms. We can help you incorporate style inspiration from beautiful tasting rooms at your favorite vineyard.

basement ideas: game room

2. Basement Renovation Idea: Game Room Fun

Basements are the perfect spot for activities that require a lot of space. Whether  billiards, ping-pong, Foosball, darts or Twister are your favorite games to play, the basement is just the place.

basement ideas: billiards

We’ll help you figure out how much space you need around items like pool tables, so that you aren’t angling your cues because there’s a wall right behind you.

basement ideas: home bar

3. Basement Renovation Idea: A Bar

A dark and moody bar is a perfect addition to a basement. Whether you’re entertaining friends with billiards, poker or the big game on TV, having a bar space adds a sense of fun and frivolity. It’s also a stylish way to incorporate a second kitchen or kitchenette.

basement ideas: playhouse

4. Basement Renovation Idea: A Playhouse

In this basement, we needed to camouflage a series of structural posts, and one way we did that turned out to be a huge asset. It’s a darling kid-sized playhouse complete with a play kitchen. This was a good way to designate a special kiddo space into a family-friendly basement design.

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basement ideas: home gym

5. Basement Renovation Idea: A Home Gym

It’s never been more important to have home gym space than it’s been in 2020. We’ll help you create the right space for your equipment and the floor space you’ll need. We can also go over placement for items like TVs, mirrors or a barre, and we’ll go over the best flooring and lighting options for you.

basement ideas: home sauna

6. Basement Renovation Idea: The Spa Bathroom of Your Dreams

While there may not be space for a full steam shower or sauna in the main floors, the basement has plenty of space for these features. And if your home gym is located in the basement, it’s handy to have a luxurious full bathroom and a sauna on the same level. Basements also have enough space for glam stations with features like shampoo sinks.

basement sliding barn door

7. Basement Renovation Idea: A Sliding Barn Door

Sliding barn doors have been a popular feature with our clients for quite a few years now. But sometimes they aren’t cohesive with the architecture of main levels, or there isn’t room for them to slide open. We’ve found that basement renovations are a great opportunity for homeowners to add a sliding barn door to their homes.

basement kitchenette

8. Basement Renovation Idea: A Kitchenette

It’s handy to be able to zap the popcorn, mix a drink, have special ice on hand, store dishes and glassware and wash up in the basement. After all, no one wants to have to run upstairs to prepare snacks and drinks and ferry them all down the stairs. A kitchenette or mini kitchen is also great for overnight guests. Features our clients are incorporating into basements these days include sinks, dishwashers, espresso makers, beverage fridges, wine racks, kegerators and ice makers.

We hope this has starting your basement idea wheels turning. Give us a call and let us know what’s on your basement wish list.

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