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Transform Your Space With an
Open-Concept Style Kitchen

The idea of opening up the kitchen to the surrounding living space has been popular for decades and won’t be going out of style anytime soon. Large and small homes alike can benefit from the improved traffic flow and inviting feel of an open-concept kitchen.

Think you might be interested in tearing down your obstructive kitchen walls? Innovative Design + Build can make it happen. We specialize in open-concept kitchens featuring numerous design styles, from modern to traditional and everything in between. Let our in-house design team tackle your kitchen remodeling project, and soon you’ll have the light, airy cooking and entertaining space you’ve always wanted!

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What Is an Open-Concept Kitchen?

The idea behind an open kitchen is to remove any walls that separate it from the surrounding living space. This creates one large room that incorporates the kitchen, dining area, and living room. With the strategic use of kitchen islands and furniture groupings, the living space still has defined zones without any physical barriers.

Here’s how to create an open-concept kitchen that maintains a natural flow with the rest of the house.

Use the Island as a Centerpiece

It’s rare to find an open-concept kitchen without an island. This serves as an anchor point for the kitchen without blocking the line of sight to the living room. Be aware that when tearing down a load-bearing wall to make the kitchen more open, you may need to keep supportive pillars in place to maintain structural integrity. A talented design-build team will ensure this feature blends in seamlessly.

Be Intentional About Material Selections

You want the transition to feel natural, so choose kitchen cabinets and barstools that complement the living room sofa and tables. They don’t need to match exactly, but the open concept calls for some coherency from one space to the next. The flooring should also be the same material, or at least the same color, for the entire area.

Create Furniture Groupings

It’s tempting to line your furniture up against the wall, but this doesn’t work in an open-concept living room. Instead, break up the space using furniture groupings and rugs to help define different areas. Be sure to leave plenty of space between each grouping so you can get around without difficulty.

Plan Lighting Carefully

Without walls to block out the natural light, open kitchens can take advantage of large windows in the adjacent dining area and living room. Still, the kitchen should be outfitted with bright overhead and pendant lights to make food prep easier. At the same time, the layout should still allow for dim lighting in the living room so family members and guests can chat and watch TV in the ideal light.

Accommodate Multiple Chefs

An open-concept layout can help counteract the phrase “too many cooks in the kitchen.” To make the best use of the space, consider incorporating a food prep sink along with your larger primary sink. Then, factor in traffic flow when planning appliance and island placement so cooking together goes as smoothly as possible.

Get Help Designing an Open-Concept Kitchen in Your Atlanta Home

Since 2000, Innovative Design + Build has been helping homeowners in the Atlanta area re-imagine their cooking, dining, and entertaining spaces. Many of our customers opt for an open-concept kitchen because of the improved socialization, multitasking, and group cooking that can take place. We would be happy to help make your dream kitchen a reality, utilizing our proven design-build process to ensure a successful, streamlined project.

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