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traditional kitchen remodel with large center island, white cabinets, and custom stove hood

Designing Craftsman Kitchens
for Atlanta, GA Homeowners

A craftsman kitchen is one that emphasizes using natural materials for a homey look and feel. Cherry wood islands, heart-of-pine flooring, wood cabinets, brass hardware, and deep sinks are some of the key design elements for this style. Incorporating modern elements like painted cabinets, stone countertops, unique lighting, and a colorful backsplash can keep the kitchen from looking outdated, as well. Innovative Design + Build is a design/build company based in Atlanta, Georgia, with a vast experience creating craftsman kitchens. View our portfolio of craftsman kitchen projects.

modern kitchen with large island and large window behind sink
A customized blue pantry cabinet with a pull out shelf for prep.

Craftsman Kitchen Cabinetry

Real Wood Cabinets

Classic craftsman kitchens place a heavy emphasis on high-quality cabinets made of real wood, not synthetic materials. Cherry, oak, and maple cabinets are a common addition to craftsman-style kitchens, adored for their beautiful, warm glow. Furniture-grade islands are also a familiar sight.

Glass Door Panels

Glass display cabinets can have either a vintage or modern look, depending on their presentation. The idea is to display your favorite tableware, wine glasses, and tea sets. This addition creates a lived-in feel that many people want in their craftsman kitchen.

Painted Cabinets

Installing cabinets painted white, gray, or another color helps prevent the kitchen from feeling outdated. Beautifully detailed door panels and modern chrome hardware add to the elevated look of painted cabinets.

Common Colors Used in Craftsman Kitchens

Natural Colors

Warm, muted colors abound in the craftsman style. Think tan, white, beige, gold, and other earth tones. If you choose wood floors and wood cabinets, your kitchen will take on a rustic feel. Combining an earthy color palette with dark stone countertops and stainless steel appliances adds the right touch of modern appeal to your craftsman kitchen.


A clean kitchen with all-white cabinets, white countertops, and neutral floors presents an updated, modern feel. Still, square support columns, crown molding, open wood shelves, and an arched window give this kitchen a rich, welcoming feel sure to stand the test of time.

Pops of Color

If white feels too impersonal to you, feel free to add pops of color to your craftsman kitchen. In fact, playful accents like sunshine-yellow barstools and a matching yellow backsplash are highly characteristic of this design style.

New kitchen remodel with wooden floors, white cabinets, and stainless steel appliances

Common Colors Used in Craftsman Kitchens

Unique Lighting

The light fixtures in your craftsman kitchen are your chance to make a statement. Copper is the ideal metal accent in a kitchen that combines traditional and modern elements. It effortlessly exudes a charming, handcrafted look that makes your kitchen feel homey and welcoming.

Farmhouse Sink

Craftsman kitchens have a slightly rugged look, with an emphasis on functionality. A deep farmhouse sink boosts the vintage stylishness and modern expectations of your food prep and cleanup area. When positioned in front of a window, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery or keep an eye on the kids playing outdoors while you do the dishes.

Architectural Detailing

The whole idea behind the craftsman style is that it showcases handcrafted goods and exquisite features, as opposed to lower-quality, mass-produced products. Therefore, you’ll find a combination of clean lines and beautiful architectural detailing throughout a craftsman kitchen.

Stone Countertops

When the time comes to select countertops for your craftsman kitchen, consider a beautifully veined stone slab. Marble, granite, quartz, and soapstone are all appropriate choices, depending on the precise look and performance you’re going for.

Modern Amenities

The craftsman style may date back over 100 years, but that doesn’t mean your craftsman kitchen needs to feel outdated. This unique style masterfully blends hand-worked wood cabinets with wall-mounted stainless steel ovens; genuine hardwood flooring with an island-mounted power strip. Clearly, there’s no need to sacrifice modern amenities when you have a craftsman kitchen.

A Streamlined Design Process

At Innovative Design + Build, we have perfected our design process so that our customers can enjoy a streamlined remodeling experience. We begin by spending time with your family to discuss the vision you have for your kitchen renovation and working with you to select the perfect materials to complete the look. Once you’ve approved the design and selected your materials, we’ll move on to the construction phase.

Before any construction begins, you’ll first discuss the specific details of your project with our trade craftsmen, including any demolition, electrical, or plumbing work that may be necessary. They’ll also discuss logistics, such as pet safety and storage. During this meeting, you’ll be provided a start date and project timeline.

Then, we’ll start construction! We’ll install a barrier to keep dust out of any nearby living spaces and clean the job site daily. Once a week, you’ll have a project walk-through with our team so you can stay up to date on our progress.

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