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5 Home Office Features To Consider

Green dresser and bookshelves in a well-decorated room, showcasing an aesthetically designed bookshelf with a rolling ladder.

5 Home Office Features To Consider Today we’ll explore 5 home office features to consider when renovating, remodeling or redesigning your Atlanta workspace. According to this Axios article, with nearly 40% of working folks working from home, Atlanta is in the top 5 cities in the U.S. with people working from home. Atlantans are not […]

Reduce Clutter With a Remodel

Reduce Clutter With a Remodel Many times when our clients call us, it’s easy to see one of the biggest things they need to do is reduce clutter with a remodel. Their family may have grown and now they need a way to corral toys and provide a safe play area. They may recently have […]

Creative Kitchen Cabinet Idea

Check Out This Creative Kitchen Cabinet Idea Here at Innovative Design + Build, we are always looking for new ways to sneak more efficient smart storage into a kitchen. And this creative kitchen cabinet idea was a big hit with our clients. We snuck a tall slim cabinet on the side of a refrigerator surround […]