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A Functional Mudroom Renovation

This project for our Marietta clients included renovating some of the bedrooms and bathrooms. And while we were there, they also wanted a functional mudroom renovation. The space needed to function as their mudroom, laundry room and pantry. We were able to make the space more functional by doing some clever reconfiguring.

laundry mudroom butler's pantry renovation

Before: Bursting at the Seams

The existing laundry room was at the back of the space. But behind those hooks that were absolutely crammed with coats and bags, there was a staircase up to a bonus room. Part of the renovation had already included removing that staircase and turning the bonus room into our clients’ daughter’s bedroom. So it left us with a little extra space and we made the most of every inch.

Functional Mudroom Renovation

After: Laundry Mudroom Butler’s Pantry Renovation

With the staircase gone, we were able to widen the space. This made room for locker cubbies and a bench on the right, and a butler’s pantry on the left. Our clients’ kitchen had been renovated after they moved in and was still in fantastic shape. But they found their family could use additional storage.

The new butler’s pantry is a natural extension of the kitchen. It includes lots of extra cabinet storage, as well as a beverage fridge and a second full fridge. A beautiful white and gray granite countertop and a picket tile backsplash keep the room light, bright and elegant. This new pantry improved the functionality of their existing kitchen.

Functional Mudroom Renovation lockers

Mudroom Locker Cubbies

This busy family needed a good structure to keep them organized. Baskets make it easy to find a match for every shoe and keep sports equipment corralled. Also, each family member has their own hooks for their coats and bags. There’s a place for everything so everything stays in its place.

laundry room renovation

Laundry Room

We spruced up the existing laundry space and added storage for cleaning supplies, dog food and other items. Functionally, there’s also a new countertop for folding laundry and a rod for air-drying clothes. There’s also a spot for the dog bowls and food. Aesthetically, our clients were excited about installing a fun tile in here and finding a beautiful soft green-blue paint for the walls. The fresh and clean look makes doing laundry much more pleasant.

Functional Mudroom and Laundry RenovationNext to the machines there are floor-to-ceiling cabinets for more storage.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this functional mudroom renovation. If you need help making your home more efficient and organized, our in-house design team can help you come up with great solutions. Schedule a free consultation to let us know more about your project.

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