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Answers To Five Small Space Questions

It’s likely every home has some small space challenges, and along with them, a homeowner who wants to know the answers to their small space questions. Here are answers to five of the most commonly asked questions about compact spaces. Please add your own questions to the comments and we’ll do our best to answer them in future posts.

Answers To Five Small Space Questions

Small Space Question One: How can I gain more prep and work space in my compact kitchen?

We will tailor solutions to your space, but one of the latest innovations are workstation sinks. These sinks have inserts for draining, cutting, washing, storing and more. These inserts turn the sink itself into the prep station.

Answers To Five Small Space Questions murphy bed

Small Space Question 2: How can I provide space for overnight guests in an area my family needs to use the rest of the time?

We can’t say enough about the advances in Murphy beds these days. They are unobtrusive and sleek, and can add a nice design element to your space. Murphy bed options include built-in lights and shelves. You can even find models that have a desktop on the outside that you can use a room as a full guest room and a functional office.

Answers To Five Small Space Questions murphy bed

In this Atlanta-area basement renovation project, our client wanted a family room space that could also function as an apartment for long visits from extended family. The Murphy bed tucks out of site into a beautiful chevron wood cabinet when not in use.

Answers To Five Small Space Questions home office attic

Small Space Question 3: How can I fit workspace into my home when I don’t have an extra room?

Great question. With so many more people working remotely these days, many home renovations include creating a workspace. In this case we planned space at the top of an attic staircase. By bringing in natural light and adding attractive bookshelves, the hallway space feels like a proper workspace. And pssst … fun detail: one of the shelves swings open to reveal a secret doorway to other spaces in the attic.

Small Space Question 4: How can I create a roomy shower stall in my small hall bathroom?

There used to be a real estate rule that a house had to have a bathtub. So many of us climbed over edge of a bathtub no one ever used to take a shower. The bathtub was slippery and confined, but we couldn’t let them go. No more. It may be hard to get used to the idea, but you can absolutely lose that tub.

In this greater Atlanta bathroom renovation, we removed the tub-shower combo to gain a wonderful shower stall. It even had room for a bench. Also, using a clear glass enclosure makes the room feel larger and airier. It also allowed for a view of the marble mosaic accent detail on the shower surround.

Small Space Question 5: How can I liven up my sad little powder room?

Powder rooms are one of the rooms in the house you can have the most fun with. The door is usually closed, so when you open it, it’s a fun reveal of a little jewel box. Think big in terms of design — large-scale artwork, a bold paint color, or like in this Atlanta powder room renovation, use a dramatic wallpaper and extra-tall mirror.

We hope these answers to five small space questions have helped you start to visualize your own home remodel. When you’re ready to get started, please  schedule a free consultation to let us know more about your project.

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