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An Elegant White and Wood Bathroom

Everything in our clients’ small bathroom felt very squeezed in. We got rid of a cumbersome bump-out, and gaining just a few extra square feet allowed us to  replace a tub-shower combo with a luxurious shower stall.  Using an elegant white and wood color palette for the bathroom elevated the style and made it feel much larger and airier. Our in-house design team mixed traditional and modern styles that resulted in a transitional look.


The bathroom was under 40 square feet. This made the space feel cramped. And the tub-shower combo didn’t make for the most luxurious shower situation. Also, the finishes had grown tired and looked dated and well, just plain blah.

After: An Elegant White and Wood Bathroom

We were able to remove the awkward bump-out that was just past the vanity. Gaining just a few square feet gave us a chance to create a roomy shower stall. Light-colored walls (Sherwin-Williams’ Pearly White), marble tile and a marble countertop along with the window and clear glass shower enclosure make the room feel airy.

an elegant wood and white bathroom divided lite shower enclosure

Style and Functionality

With all the light-colored tile, we needed to add some contrast. The wood on the vanity adds a darker element that’s rich in tone. As for style, the Shaker profiles of the cabinets are timeless and versatile. Champagne bronze hardware and faucets play off these tones beautifully. We matched the finish on the sink faucet to the cabinet pulls.

Also, in a tight space storage was at a premium. We designed a vanity that has three drawers to the right and a drawer at the bottom beneath the sink. This takes advantage of vanity space in a way that the typical two cabinet doors doesn’t. A bottom drawer maximizes this space and is great for storing extra towels.

an elegant wood and white bathroom divided lite shower enclosure

The lovely veining in the Calacatta Vagli marble countertop adds subtle pattern and contributes to the elegance of the wood and white bathroom palette. It also plays off the tones in the marble floor tiles.

brass sconces arched mirror marble countertop

Above the sink, our in-house design team added some modern contrast to the traditional vanity and fixtures. The arched mirror has a matte black frame that plays off the divided lite muntins on the shower enclosure. The conical shapes of the sconces add a modern touch, and their lacquered brass finish coordinates with the finish on the plumbing fixtures while at the same time, stands out from them.

small vanity packed with storage

Small Details Matter

Rather than interrupting the floor tile with a vent, we were able to hide it in the vanity’s toe kick. And we matched the wood finish to keep it camouflaged. Another small detail this photo shows is the way we capped the pony wall on the left with marble that matches the countertop.

marble mosaic shower floor and copper shower drain

On the shower floor, a pretty bronze drain with circular holes plays off the circular shower head. This photo also gives us a look at the lovely curved picket pattern on the marble mosaic shower floor. And it’s style was inspired by marble reminiscent of luxurious 1920’s Manhattan hotels.

This tile was also laid on the main bathroom floor. Limiting materials prevents a small space from feeling too chopped up. Instead there is a seamless flow from the main bathroom floor onto the shower floor.

an elegant wood and white bathroom divided lite shower enclosure

Divided Lite Shower Enclosure

Our clients wanted the look of a divided light shower enclosure, but wanted it to be easy to clean. On this shower enclosure, the muntins (the strips that divide window panes) are in between two pieces of glass. This means it’s easy to squeegee or wipe down both sides of the glass.

aged brass shower head fixtures, marble tile


The elegant shower fixtures have add a traditional touch to the transitional mix. And the elongated subway tiles put an updated twist on a classic. The variation in the tones of the tile adds interest and keeps the bathroom from looking like a sterile white box.

shower bench and shower niche

With that bump-out gone, we had room to add a shower bench. Also, we made the pony wall on the right wide enough to accommodate a shower niche.

As it turns out, the shower is one of the dogs’ favorite spots.

The bathroom renovation has made this bathroom feel so much bigger than its modest size. The homeowners are thrilled with their elegant wood and white bathroom and its shower stall, which feels like it’s straight out of a five-star hotel.

We hope you’ve enjoyed touring this compact bathroom renovation. If you need help modifying your home to meet changing needs of any kind, please give us a call to  schedule a free consultation.

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