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A Zoned Kitchen Layout With Two Islands

This Family-Friendly Chef’s Kitchen Is Strategically Zoned and Includes Two Hardworking Kitchen Islands

A dysfunctional kitchen inspired a zoned kitchen layout with two islands. Our Atlanta clients’ existing kitchen was dark and dated, complete with an odd brick wall, dark wood cabinetry, cluttered countertop space and oppressive soffits. The connection between the kitchen and the pool deck was all but cut off. And there was not enough storage for food, glassware, china and cookware.

A zoned kitchen layout with two islands

Finding Solutions

We worked with the very talented Victor Moldovan from Moldovan Interior Design on this project. After speaking at length with our clients about how they wanted to function in the kitchen, we completely reworked the layout with several goals in mind. First, to give them the sophisticated style they wanted while making sure it would function well for their lifestyle. Second, to create a space that was pleasant for large groups to gather in. Third, to provide ample storage by creating a beautiful new butler’s pantry. Fourth, to create a strong connection between the kitchen and the pool deck.

We worked with The new zoned kitchen contains two high-functioning large islands and a dining table with a custom banquette that create space for the large groups that  gather here. And smart cabinet inserts provide space for all of our clients’ cookware, serveware, linens, glassware, china, utensils and more. Finally, we crafted an extensive butler’s pantry from some of the garage space. Adding the butler’s pantry keeps countertop clutter and overflowing cabinets and refrigerators at bay.

A Zoned Kitchen With Two Islands

For a family who routinely has 40-plus family members over for get-togethers, creating a space that felt grand yet comfortable was the top priority. This kitchen renovation was part of a larger project that included the living room, dining room, guest house and bathroom. 

A zoned kitchen layout with two islandsThe Chef’s Zone

The chef’s zone is centered around a professional Wolf range, a custom vent hood with brass straps and a stunning tile backsplash wall. Taking the backsplash all the way up the wall created a beautiful focal wall here. Wall ovens and the refrigerator are on either side of the range. Two islands form work triangles within the chef-zoned space.

Smart Kitchen Storage

We always find out how our clients like to function in the kitchen and plan accordingly. To help with cooking in this kitchen, there are herb, spice, oil and utensil pullouts flanking the stove. Check out more smart custom kitchen storage solutions.

A zoned kitchen layout with two islands

A Tale of Two Islands

A zoned kitchen layout with two islands meant each of the two islands would serve specific purposes and be hardworking. Both of them have a social side (zone) with seating and a working side closest to the appliances. This working side is the chef’s zone, and the placement of the seating allows family members to gather and socialize while staying out of the chef’s way!

A zoned kitchen layout with two islands

The Serving Island

This island is a serving zone. Its location across from the fridge makes it easy to unload ingredients or serve snacks and drinks. It also includes a microwave drawer, a deep drawer for pot storage and a concealed pull-out for platters and other serving dishes.

A zoned kitchen layout with two islands

The Dishwashing Island

This island is located across from the wall ovens and range. This is the hardworking sink-dishwasher zone. The dishwasher is cleverly concealed by panel-front cabinetry. Dish storage is located within easy reach of the dishwasher, making unloading easier.

A zoned kitchen layout with two islands

Counter Seating and Style

The seating wraps two sides of the island, making for better conversation. Another detail worth noting is the fluted legs on this side, which give the islands more of a furniture look. And handy USB outlets offer a convenient charging spot for devices.

A zoned kitchen layout with two islands

The Transitional Pool Zone

One of the best solutions was reworking the layout with entertaining in mind. We replaced a dark wall of clunky cabinets with a chic new bar close to the poolside bar and dining area (just outside the kitchen). We improved the functionality and connectivity between these two spaces. It includes a sink, dishwasher and plenty of storage and countertop space. We replaced the upper cabinets with a great view that connects the interior to the pool area.

And we improved the exterior in this area as well, replacing a dated greenhouse window with a long row of steel-framed windows and a matching steel-framed door. Now the kitchen enjoys more natural light and pool views.

A zoned kitchen layout with two islands

The Long Bar

The bar includes a second dishwasher as well as hidden fridge and freezer drawers for drinks and popsicles. We also love the look of two table lamps atop the bar. They give it a dining room buffet-feel. Switch things up — not all kitchen lighting needs to be from overhead!

eat-in kitchen banquette

Eat-In Kitchen Space

 The sophisticated light fixtures and wood beams create cohesion and rhythm across the large, long space. A custom banquette provides dining space that can go formal or casual. Panel-front custom cabinetry hides the dishwashers and the refrigerator drawers. Our clients are thrilled and proud to have a welcoming, party-ready kitchen.

butler's pantry

A Stylish Butler’s Pantry

This butler’s pantry has style so stunning that the clients agreed to French doors that offered a view of it from the eat-in area! We carved the expansive new walk-in pantry from existing garage space. It includes ample food storage, countertop space for small appliances, a large fridge/freezer and a wine cooler.

butler's pantry

Though the butler’s pantry is a more casual space, it still has beautiful style including blue beadboard walls, custom cabinetry, walnut countertops and stunning light fixtures.

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The zoned kitchen layout with two islands functions so much better for our clients in many ways. It has strong connections to the pool deck and makes it easy to serve guests out there. It has enough room for them to host groups of up to 40 people comfortably. The pair of islands and the long custom banquette allow everyone to spread out. It has ample storage because “a place for everything and everything in its place” was our mantra during the design process. 

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