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An Open-Air Porch Provides a Family With Dining, Lounging and Hearth Space

This young family of five had a sad patio off the back of their Roswell home. Out there, the hot Georgia sun was merciless during the summer. Wanting a pleasant shaded space they could use during the summer, they gave Innovative Design + Build a call. On their wishlist was a porch with an outdoor fireplace, dining space and lounge space. With shade, a breeze from a ceiling fan and a place to light a fire in the winter, they can enjoy the outdoor space all year round.

The Porch Design Enhances the Architecture

Before, the back facade of the home was rather uninspired. The new porch’s design fits in seamlessly with the original architecture of the house. This is because matched the existing roof shingles on the new shed porch roof. We also matched the new stucco on the fireplace to the existing stucco on the exterior walls. However, the solid 8×8 cedar timber posts and beams draw the eye as a new architectural element that diverges from the rest of the home. These give the porch architecture personality that suited the homeowners’ personal style.

new porch with outdoor fireplaceBefore

Before, the rugged flagstone patio did not match the sophistication of the home or the homeowners. Plus, the lack of shade meant it was way too hot out here during Georgia’s steamy summers.

The Layout

The door in the corner leads to the kitchen. So placing the dining area closest to it makes it easy for the homeowners to serve al fresco meals. The console at the end serves as both a bar and a buffet.

The Patio Surface

The new patio is composed of bluestone pavers. These have a pleasing variation in blue-gray tones.The long rectangular shape of the pavers have a more streamlined and updated look than the previous rugged flagstone pavers.

new porch with outdoor fireplace

A New Slab

We dug up the existing slab because it was cracked and poured a new one. While this was an added expense, it was well-worth the investment. This is because reusing the existing cracked slab could have caused the beautiful new bluestone pavers to crack.

A cozy outdoor space with a couch, coffee table, and dining table under a covered patio.

The Weathered Ceiling

The porch ceiling is also cedar. We were able to give it a weathered effect by staining it, applying polyurethane and then hand-scraping it.  The homeowner chose the wine barrel chandelier. Its weathered wood and iron fit well with the architecture of the porch.

The Dining Area

The family opted for a refined-rustic dining set that has a casual picnic table feel. An outdoor rug anchors the dining space below while the chandelier anchors it overhead. The double doors lead directly to the family room.

The Lounge

A wicker sofa and a pair of Adirondack chairs create a comfortable lounge area in front of the fireplace. And on hot nights, the ceiling fan and a chilled bottle of bubbly keep things cool.

An exquisite patio adorned with a captivating fireplace, enhancing the beauty of the outdoor space.

A New Porch With an Outdoor Fireplace

One of the most important items on the homeowners’ wish list was a porch with a wood-burning fireplace that would have a special custom feel. We framed it out and then turned it over to Marius, who is an absolute artist when it comes to stucco. He created the entire profile in stucco. We added a custom bench along the hearth for extra seating and topped it with bluestone to match the pavers. Because we used bluestone slabs that are three inches thick, they have a significant presence that suits the scale of the fireplace. Another detail worth noting is the bullnose edge of the bluestone. Rounding it off kept it from being jagged.

new porch with outdoor fireplace

Rugged Versus Refined

Like the hearth seating edge, we used a custom rounded coping along the edge of the patio. This was an aesthetic choice that softens and refines the rugged character of bluestone. The porch design strikes  a pleasing balance between rugged and refined. For example, the natural bluestone is cut into neat rectangles. And the cedar is knotty and weathered but the fireplace has a luxe custom look.

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