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8 Ways To Automate Your Home

There’s so much talk of AI lately that it feels like we’ll all be living like The Jetsons tomorrow. While AI and robotics still have a way to go (love you Roomba, no disrespect intended!), here are 8 ways to automate your home.

Automating your home can be a bit of an overwhelming concept. But it’s easy to get done during a home renovation. In addition to automating things like lighting and security cameras, setting up systems for other new technologies will turn your home into a well-run machine.

These are simple things that you can add during a renovation that will make your life simpler and easier. Here are some of the top home automation and technological elements to consider adding when renovating. Or whenever you’re ready for them.

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1) Home Security

Home security systems have come a long way. For instance, what would there be to look at on the Next Door app without all the Ring doorbell footage? New systems not only include connecting alarms to windows and doors, but also cameras you can check while you’re away.

You may also want to automate your lighting control system. This will not only allow you to set timers for your lights, but also be able to control them via your phone from afar.

9 Ways To Automate Your Home

2) Sound systems

During a renovation it’s a great time to have speakers installed throughout your home. This can include speakers in the ceiling, surround sound for your home theater experience, and commands followed by Siri, Alexa and their AI brethren when you need to shuffle your playlist.

9 Ways To Automate Your Home

3) Charging Options

Think about where you most often like to charge your personal devices. Or where a more optimum spot may be, such as away from kitchen countertops that get wet.

Instead of worrying about those annoying blocks that always seem to get lost, you can have outlets with ports installed into the wall or even inside cabinet doors or drawers to keep your devices tucked out of harm’s way.

You’ll likely want some near the beds for your phone, or if you like to watch your iPad while you’re getting ready in the bathroom in the morning, you’ll want one in there too. Keep track of all the spaces where you like to charge things as your renovation approaches.

4) Automatic Blinds and Shades

Remember gasping in awe when Ryan Reynolds had all the blackout shades come down at once during the movie The Proposal? That took place in Alaska, when those things were rare. Now we easily can set up that technology to your home right here in the lower 48.

No more tangled strings! Automated blinds and shades are especially helpful when you have shades that extend way up high.

9 Ways To Automate Your Home

5) Kitchen Technology

Tech in the kitchen includes voice and app controls for lighting, faucets, music and appliances. It also includes touchless faucets, water conserving technology and smart appliances. Smart kitchen tech also lets you put all aspects of your kitchen on a schedule.

You can connect your appliances to the cloud to check cooking temperatures from an app, or start preheating while you’re on your way home. You can even start the coffee from your bedroom, or use video monitoring to check on a soufflé’s progress.

Berkeley Lake, GA bathroom remodel 9 Ways To Automate Your Home6) Bathroom Technology

In its most recent trend report, The National Kitchen and Bath Association found an increase in requests for technology that creates a personalized environment. These include using voice and app controls for lighting, temperature, water and humidity monitoring.

Other bathroom automation includes touchless faucets and water-conserving technologies.

This smart bathroom renovation we completed includes lighting and a makeup mirror that can be controlled via Amazon’s Alexa. The music and TV are also voice controlled. And the Kohler comfort height toilet is a smart toilet with a built-in bidet.

The tub has a Hydro Fusion system. This noiselessly maintains the temperature of the water without having to add additional hot water.

9 Ways To Automate Your Home

7) Automating and Upgrading Technology for Sustainability

Advances in technology can go hand in hand with making your home more energy efficient. For example, turning off lights you forgot about once you’re at the party or changing your thermostat after arriving at your vacation destination will help you save energy.

Energy efficient appliances and EPA WaterSense faucets will also make your home more efficient. Switching to LED lights will also save energy and therefore, save you money for many years to come.

Other ways to maintain an energy efficient home involve creating a tight envelope. This means your home is properly insulated and sealed to help keep it at the right temperature. More efficient windows and doors, and better insulation and sealing will make your home an energy conserving modern machine.

8) Advancing Heating and Cooling Technology

It starts with a programmable thermostat that will regulate your usage to optimize your energy savings. This is a great start. But there are also major system changes to consider including:

  • Radiant heat in the floor
  • Geothermal heating
  • Sustainable insulation
  • Passive solar heat gain
  • Photovoltaic panels
  • Tankless water heaters,
  • Green roofs

If you want to do a deep dive into more sustainable ways to heat and cool your home, we recommend the following websites:

EPA’s Guide to Greener Living

Passivhaus Institute

U.S. Green Building Council

And when you’re ready to get some help updating and automating your home,  please give us a call to schedule a free consultation. This list is of 8 ways to automate your home is really just the tip of the iceberg as technology is advancing so quickly!

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