Answers To Five Small Space Questions

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Answers To Five Small Space Questions It's likely every home has some small space challenges, and along with them, a homeowner who wants to know the answers to their small space questions. Here are answers to five of the most commonly asked questions about compact spaces. Please add your own questions to the comments and

Which Countertop Material Is Best for You?

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Which Countertop Material Is Best for You? The choice of countertop can be overwhelming when undergoing a kitchen renovation or bathroom renovation. Finding which countertop material is best for you is one of our specialties. As we start your design, we will get to know your lifestyle, your style, how you like to function in

Creative Kitchen Cabinet Idea

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Check Out This Creative Kitchen Cabinet Idea Here at Innovative Construction Design-Build, we are always looking for new ways to sneak more efficient smart storage into a kitchen. And this creative kitchen cabinet idea was a big hit with our clients. We snuck a tall slim cabinet on the side of a refrigerator surround to

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