Do you use subcontractors?

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Yes, we have very strong relationships with our Trade Partners. We have used some of them since 2000. Most of our subcontractors are small companies. Often times the owner is the one doing the work. Our Trade Partners go through the same training as our employees and are held to the same rigorous standards. We

How long have you been doing this?

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Innovative Construction was founded in 2000 by Clark Harris. Clark has been in Construction full time since moving to Atlanta in 1996. Eric Bain joined the company in 2004. We have a very high retention rate for team members and trade partners. We leverage our experience by learning from our mistakes and creating new processes

Are you insured and licensed?

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Yes. We carry Workers Compensation and General Liability insurance. We are licensed by the State of Georgia. Many of us are LEED Certified by the Georgia Environmental Protection Division and hold State issued Erosion Control Blue Cards.

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