Do you have a minimum job size?

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We have made a commitment to apply our Process to every Project. We do the same preproduction planning, supervision, site preparations, cleaning, and use the same Trade Partners (We don’t have a B Team). We find that our Process may not scale well for jobs less than $200,000. We are grateful for any work we

Why does remodeling cost so much?

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It is hard to set a standard price since every job is different. Please give us a call and we will get back to you within 24 hours. We can share prices of similar jobs we have completed. We will need to set up an initial meeting to look at your project to give you

Do you use subcontractors?

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Yes, we have very strong relationships with our Trade Partners. We have used some of them since 2000. Most of our subcontractors are small companies. Often times the owner is the one doing the work. Our Trade Partners go through the same training as our employees and are held to the same rigorous standards. We

What is a pre-construction meeting?

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Approximately three weeks before a project begins our team meets with our clients. We bring your job notebook and go through four pages of Questions and Suggestions. We go over any concerns you may have. We discuss basic logistical issues like where to store supplies, where the dumpster goes, neighbor relations, etc.

How do we communicate during the remodel?

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We use an online Project Management portal/website in our remodeling process. There are three main parts. Messaging — Each item has its own thread and everyone involved can comment on it. It goes to your email or if you are busy during the day you can go on the Mobile App and see every conversation

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