What is a selection coordinator?

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The Selection Coordinator goal is to identify your style, bring it to reality, and to remove the stress from the process. They will ensure that different selections all coordinate to bring your vision to reality. The Selection Coordinator will not push their design ideas on you, they will make sure your design ideas all work

What is a Design Agreement?

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We use and implement a two step process. The first phase is Design and the second is the Construction. The Design Agreement will show you: A basic scope of work for your project A ballpark cost How long the project will take A Proposal to Design your project includes: Schematic Drawings and Revisions Working with

How long is the design process?

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Typically, the design process is 8-12 weeks. It includes an Introduction with an in-home, one-hour meeting. During the second appointment we will review the Design Agreement detailing the scope of work, projected timeline and estimated cost. Next, during our Design phase, we will do an in-home visit and selection coordination to discuss layout and design

Do you offer free designs?

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Yes. We conduct a free, in-home, one-hour meeting. We provide you with guidance in creating a vision for your new space through the selection of finishes. You will have final approval on all designs.

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