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Midcentury Modern Renovations

A mid-century modern home dining room redesign with exposed beams and wood flooring.

Midcentury Modern Renovations Choosing midcentury modern style for your renovation doesn’t mean your house look like it’s been sealed up like a time capsule since 1962. Though if that’s what you want, we can certainly do that! You can nod to the style through architectural details, light fixtures, furniture, tiles and materials. And timeless mid-century […]

5 Great Ceiling Design Ideas

A living room renovation with exposed beams and shiplap ceilings and walls.

5 Great Ceiling Design Ideas When renovating,  ceiling design might be something you haven’t given much consideration. But ceilings are a great opportunity to add character overhead. In fact, architects and interior designers refer to the ceiling as “the fifth wall.” And when you’re building an addition or renovating, the possibilities open up for lots […]