About the Company

The Bidding Process
We have an initial meeting to go over your ideas and the parameters. I then prepare a ballpark estimate for the project, and meet with you a second time to go over it. If you are seriously considering hiring us, we have a “Bid Day,” where all of the subcontractors come to the site to prepare solid estimates. We then prepare a fixed cost Proposal.

Contractor Services and Communication
We schedule the job and coordinate all of the necessary subcontractors for you. At this point we set up a “Basecamp” on the web, which has a message board, schedule, to do list, and file storage. You will be able to participate in this program via email or app.

Once we begin, a lockbox is set up on your house with a new lock and key so that the subcontractors can get in and out. At least one member of The Innovative Construction Team will be on the job almost every day, and work will occur every day.

We are licensed in the state of Georgia and we are fully insured for workman’s compensation and liability.

Our Associates
We schedule licensed contractors for specialized work such as plumbing, HVAC, electrical work. We are 100% responsible for all of these contractors and we take care of all issues related to them. We have developed close working relationships with subcontractors we trust .

We do most jobs on a fixed price contract. We charge a percentage of the total of every job to cover our profit and overhead.

WE SAVE YOU MONEY ON APPLIANCES, FIXTURES, TILE, ETC. You will pick out and these items. We have great sources where we often can pass along our discounts to you.


We take a small deposit to begin your job.  We use a progress billing system that charges for work completed.

The Wrap Up
At the end of the project we take care of the final cleaning and punchlist items. We then have you check over all of the work and cleaning and decide if you have additional items to add to the punchlist. When we agree the final items are all complete, we send you the final bill.