Our full-time team consists of employees that are highly skilled and get great reviews from our clients and vendors alike. We hire only trusted and licensed subcontractors, many of whom have been our exclusive vendors and partners for years.



M-F 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM EST


Innovative Construction operates strictly on the following ideals

• We treat our customers and subcontractors as we like to be treated

• When you are a customer, you are a customer for life. We stand behind all our projects and guarantee the quality of work

• We don’t pick and choose when to have morals

• We grow our business through client relationships, not through advertising

• We are only as good as our subcontractors

• We appreciate every job, whether it is a three hour job or a 5 month project

• All of our subcontractors are educated in remodeling NOT new construction

• We stress cleanliness on our job sites

• We would not put a person in someone’s home that we would not have in our own

• Our business is a team. Our employees work “with us”, not “for us”

We believe in making each job and customer experience the best it can be and let the business grow organically; we are not motivated by the bottom line.

Clark Harris is the founder and owner of Innovative Construction. Originally from Cincinnati Ohio, Clark later moved with his family to Hingham, MA. While growing up in Massachusetts, Clark was initially exposed to the construction industry by working on job sites in the summers and holidays while going to college.

Upon Graduating from St. Lawrence University with a degree in history / education, Clark moved south to Atlanta, GA. He continued his career in construction working for a company that specialized in finishing and restoration. After working in this genre of construction for four years, Clark decided to start his own business that specialized in renovation and restoration. In 2000, Innovative Construction was established.

Clark lives in Roswell with his wife Hilary, and children Ben, Danny, Samantha, and their dog Lucy. When not at work, Clark likes to be with his family, camping, fishing, and trying to play golf.

ERIC BAINProduction Manager
Hailing from Traverse City Michigan, Eric has lived all over the United States including Colorado, Hawaii, Rhode Island and Georgia. While training to be a chef in Colorado, Eric began working in construction on the side and learned many valuable industry skills. Tired of the restaurant business, Eric worked for the city of Vail Colorado and acquired even more skills such as landscaping, heavy equipment operation, and site inspection. He continued his landscaping career in Providence Rhode Island until he and his wife moved to Atlanta. After arriving in Georgia, Eric joined Innovative Construction and has since played a pivotal role in its growth. Eric has a wide range of skills and plays a major role in the company by overseeing projects and handling client relations.

Eric currently lives with his wife Liz, son Miles, and their dog Mo in Decatur, GA.

Diego has worked with Innovative Construction since 2010. He does an excellent job at organizing new job starts and is also a very talented carpenter. Diego is known for his attention to detail and his obsession with a clean job site. Diego has played an integral part in defining the culture of Innovative Construction. If Diego is on a job-site you can be sure you will be in good hands. Diego is married with two daughters, Marianna and Mia.
RAUL LOPEZProject Manager/Designer
Raul has proven to be the missing piece we have been searching for unsuccessfully for many years. He has been able to step in and take charge of a job, delegate work, work with the homeowners, design certain projects, and build the schedule. We have not found a task he has not been able to handle. He is able to do all of this with an unflappable, optimistic, enjoyable personality. Raul is married and lives in Buford. For fun he like to hike and camp.
Trevor was born and raised in Marietta and attended Lassiter High School. His enthusiasm for construction began at an early age building forts and skate ramps. He is a proud graduate of Clemson University where he studied Construction Management. He has worked in many different areas of construction including Plumbing, Handyman Services, Commercial Project Management. and Residential Flooring Sales and Management. He now resides in Roswell and lives with his wife Shannon. His hobbies include renovating his own home, building furniture out of reclaimed materials, attending concerts, and cooking on his smoker.
MEGHAN BERRYPre-Construction Coordinator
Meghan grew up in Daytona Beach, FL before graduating from Florida State University. She now lives in Dunwoody and enjoys cooking, volunteering in her church nursery, and running after her toddler, Henry. Meghan has always loved seeing how people make their home their most restful and personal place. She loves working with clients and listening to their needs in how they envision their new space for more memorable moments. Meghan knows firsthand the hardships and the reward of renovating from being an Innovative client prior to joining the team.
MINDY BROWNDesign Manager
A Georgia native, Mindy grew up in Marietta and graduated from Kennesaw State University. She now lives in Dunwoody with her husband Dan, son Jackson, daughter Wimberly, and chocolate lab Charlie. Mindy enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, traveling, and volunteering at her church. Mindy has always had an interest and appreciation for interior design. She loves seeing all of the components of a well-planned design come together to create a beautiful and functional space for families to enjoy and make memories together.
LAUREN HOKEDesign Assistant
Lauren grew up in St. Pete Beach, Florida. She is currently an interior architecture and design student at Georgia State University. Lauren is the President of the Interior Design Organization at GSU. Lauren has worked as a design/artist assistant for local artists. She has grown up around construction as her dad is an engineer, and her mom works for a design company. She is enjoying her position at Innovative, helping our clients create a space that feels like home. Lauren lives in Brookhaven with her 2 doggies, Evie and Abbie Rose. She loves socializing with friends, eating healthy, being active and spending time with her pups.
ANCA SUCIUController
Anca is in charge of all Accounting Activities. She grew up in Regin, Romania enjoying snowy winters and hot but not humid summers. In 2002 she moved to Atlanta and found Innovative after working in different fields. Anca is married, lives in Buford, and likes spending time at the lake, hiking the North Georgia mountains, and photography.
AISLING BELLDirector of First Impressions/Marketing
Aisling was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland. Aisling, is an actual Gaelic word and means “dream or vision” (during her teenage years her father claimed it meant nightmare). It is pronounced as Ash-ling, but she will accept anything close to that. She moved to America in 1991 and worked as a Nanny. She next joined the Army. She trained as a medic in the Air Cavalry, was stationed in Colorado Springs and looks back on this service with pride and honor. Since leaving the military and moving to Atlanta in 1997, Aisling has worked in the building industry. She enjoys talking to her flowers, she detests blow drying her hair, she loves making her kids laugh. Aisling is active in her church’s youth softball ministry. She lives in Loganville, GA with her daughters Eve and Rosie.


  • Our estimate is solid and in writing and will not change without an additional change order approved by you

  • We promise a detailed scope of work in writing with a completion date

  • We provide proof of insurance for our workers and our own liability and require the same for all our sub-contractors

  • We follow building codes and obtain all necessary approvals and permits

  • Our warranty covers a period of one year after completion of your project


We have close ties to many local businesses that have provided our customers with integrity, quality products and services. Because of the trust we have built with them, we are able to offer excellent cost-saving discounts on materials. We’ll be with you every step along the way during the selection process to ensure that we stay within your budget and all your decisions are perfectly suited to your distinct design choices.



M-F 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM EST