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Interior design styles are as unique and varied as the residents of Atlanta, Brookhaven, and Peachtree Corners. You don’t need extensive design knowledge to renovate your Georgia home, but it helps to understand which aesthetic you like the most.

At Innovative Construction, we specialize in numerous design styles. Let us help you incorporate the features you like best, with expert design advice to guide your decisions along the way. Take a look at what defines the primary styles our designers work with every day. If you have questions about combining different aesthetics or want to schedule a phone consultation, feel free to get in touch.

Traditional Design

Traditional style dining room

The classic feel and symmetrical styling of traditional design have allowed it to stand the test of time. Traditional interiors have their roots in 18th-century English and colonial revival designs. You’ll find neutral colors, divided lite windows, hardwood or tile floors, classy furnishings, and decorative detailing galore.

Modern Design

Modern basement with entertaining kitchen bar

Modern design sprung up in the 1930s, ’40s, and ’50s, with architects like Frank Lloyd Wright leading the way. Modern decor is rooted in minimalism and the absence of decoration. Furniture is often made of plastic, metal, or wood veneer. Other modern design features include stark geometric shapes, neutral color schemes with pops of bold accents, synthetic materials, and asymmetry.

Transitional Design

Traditional kitchen with modern conveniences

As the name suggests, transitional design lies somewhere between traditional and modern. You’ll notice elements from both styles, such as the crown molding and soft edges of traditional design, along with the straight lines and simple hardware of modernism.

Midcentury Modern Design

Mid-century modern dining room

Entering the scene in the mid-20th century, this style favors simplicity and functionality. Oranges, yellows, and browns make frequent appearances, as do floor-to-ceiling windows with minimal coverings. Other features include low-profile furniture with spindly legs, exposed ceiling beams, wood floors, and mobile chandeliers.

Contemporary Design

Contemporary style bedroom

Contrary to popular belief, contemporary is not synonymous with modern. While modernism harkens to a specific design movement, as previously mentioned, contemporary design celebrates whatever’s up and coming. Today’s contemporary look overlaps modern design, but this might not be true 50 years from now.

Rustic Design

The term “rustic” is used to describe many designs, but it’s also a style all its own. The most basic descriptors of rustic include natural, rough, weathered, and casual. You’ll see lots of hand-carved wood, jagged stone, and hammered metal. Even animal furs and antlers make an appearance sometimes. Warm green, brown, and gray are the most popular color schemes.

Farmhouse Design

Modern farmhouse remodel living room in Peachtree Corners

Farmhouse interiors exude a cozy, homey feel, with rustic and farm-inspired elements throughout. Shiplap wall paneling, vintage bronze fixtures, farmhouse sinks, and gold accents abound. You might decorate a home in this design style with chalkboard art, reclaimed wood signage, galvanized steel planters, and burlap baskets.

Craftsman Design

Charming full-house remodel in Decatur

This style dates back to the early 1900s. The whole idea is to showcase handcrafted goods and exquisite details with century-old flair. Common characteristics of craftsman design include strong horizontal lines, real wood cabinetry, shaker cabinet doors, unique light fixtures, stained glass, natural color schemes, and prominent structural pillars.

Old-World European & French Country Design

Whole house remodel in French Country style

This style conjures images of leisurely brunches and snuggling up with a good book. The atmosphere is casual, with rustic, seemingly handmade features that catch your eye. Antique shop treasures are right at home in a French country interior. Other features of the European and French style you’ll find include farmhouse sinks, white wood paneling, vintage furniture and artwork, distressed wood, candelabras, and soft floral patterns.

Coastal Design

Bright beachy guest bathroom

Inspired by the ocean, coastal designs invoke a light, breezy feeling. Blue is almost always the primary color, with white and silver typically serving as accents. Beach-themed accessories such as lighthouses and seashells may be included. Other appropriate materials include weathered wood, woven fabrics, encaustic tiles, and white-washed furniture.

Open-Concept Design

Spectacular open-concept kitchen and living room with floating shelves

An open-concept space is one with the fewest walls possible. Open-concept kitchens are popular these days, connecting directly to the adjacent living room with no physical barriers between them. The resulting space is often called a “great room.”

Aging-in-Place Design

Stylish age-in-place bathroom remodel with grab bars and curbless shower

Aging-in-place design aims to ensure safety, comfort, and ease of use for those with changing mobility needs. With the right additions, a homeowner may avoid needing to relocate to an assisted living facility. Common features of aging-in-place design include wider halls and doorways, non-slip surfaces, grab bars, lever door handles, curbless showers, walk-in tubs, and comfort-height toilets.

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